7 Secrets of Stylish Women


7 Secrets of Stylish Women - Discover what they know that you need to know to be stylish every day


Why is it that some women seem to be effortlessly stylish yet others struggle?

From years of experience working with many clients and taking note of what makes a stylish woman, I’ve come up with this list:

7 Secrets of Stylish Women

1. They understand what flatters them physically in colours, shapes and proportions

Knowing what flatters your unique body shape, proportions and variations.  The colours that make you look alive and vibrant and how to wear them to enhance you is the first step in dressing more stylishly.

These are all things you can learn (the blog is full of these kinds of resources, from my Body Shape Calculator Quiz to my consultation program 7 Steps to Style which gets you my professional opinion on these matters).

7 Secrets of Stylish Women - know your colours and the shapes that flatter
Knowing the shapes that flatter, the colours that harmonise with your skin, eyes and hair, where to put the detail, what to look for – really does make it so much easier to get dressed each day.

2. They dress for the occasion

No point in wearing a ballgown to a football game, nor wearing your gym clothes to a job interview (unless that interview is at a gym).

Wearing clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, express to those you’re around that you understand what is right and tell the world that you understand just how your appearance communicates and that you know what you wear is speaking before you open your mouth.

3. They know what really matters, their 3-5 essentials

There is no one formula that works for everyone. And in fact, as the style puzzle involves around 10 different elements, this can sometimes get overwhelming.  Knowing which 3-5 of those 10 elements of the style puzzle are the most important, means that whatever you put together will work for you.

4. They express their personality through their outfits

Understanding how your personality influences your style and your choices so that you always feel like “this is the best version of me” will give you confidence as you feel right in your clothes.

7 Secrets of Stylish women - express your personality
Finding accessories and details that express your personality is a great way to become more stylish. I love these 1950s brooches for their quirk (I got them off Etsy from here)

5. They take the time to groom each day

Grooming says to the world that you are in charge of yourself.  That you are in control of your mind and body. It says you can organise your time to have the time to do your hair and make sure that your clothing is clean and wrinkle free.  That you have a good level of self-care.

Grooming says that you value yourself and that you are important.

6. They aren’t afraid to try something new

Stylish women don’t get stuck in a time warp or style rut.  They move with the times and are prepared to try on new fashion trends.  They only buy the ones that suit them, but they like to stay fresh and updated.

7. They know that accessories matter

Accessories are the icing on your sartorial cake.  They can make an outfit.  Take it from bland or boring to fabulous or funky.

Stylish women know that we take in the whole of you, from your feet to your head and that accessories create focal points.  Accessorizing says that you appreciate the power of your shoes, that you add interest to your outfit so you get more value from the basics.

Want more tips?  Read 10 Rules to Transform Your Personal Style

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  • Another great post Imogen. I have found that as I age that my 3-5 is changing. I experimented (and failed) a lot last year as I hadn’t realised this. I used to be able to get away with a lot as long as I had med-high contrast. Now that I have lightened my hair to avoid the greys showing and as my skin is aging and darkening, I am no longer value-contrast dominate and need to pay more attention to my colours. It’s nice to be reminded that once I find my new 3-5 rules, dressing will become easier again.

  • Might i add that, stylish people are generally those who are fearless. They are unafraid to wear what they want, unafraid to do what they want and are able to hold their own.

    • Yes fearless is a great attribute to have. Though I don’t think everyone who is stylish is fearless and everyone who is fearless is stylish.

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