20 Stylish Fitness and Activity Tracker Accessories


20 Stylish Fitness Trackers and accessories - so they look like jewellery and enhance your outfit


Many of you wear activity trackers. I wear one daily as it helps me know just how much time I’ve spent sitting down, and reminds me that I need to get up and move to stay healthy.

Yet, most fitness trackers are fine for sport, but just don’t look right worn with your smarter or work clothes. Yet the point of them is to wear them all the time.

So I’ve been doing some research on more stylish options for your activity tracker and there are now some fabulously stylish options out there that look just like jewellery.


Fitbit is one of the best known fitness trackers on the market and now you can get some jewellery bands for a couple of their models.

Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker bands

Fitbit Alta

Clockwise from top left once you have a Fitbit Alta:

GinCoband Milanese Loop – comes in black, gold, rose gold, silver

Wishteta – rainbow, gold, silver, rose gold – a few options and styles available

Baylite – rose gold, silver, gold

Baylite – leather

Fitbit Flex and Flex 2

Stylish accessories for your activity tracker

Clockwise from top left – once you have a Fitbit Flex 2

GBSELL Fashion Stainless Steel – gold, rose gold and silver

Wearlizer Accessories Pendant – comes in both horizontal and vertical options gold, silver and rose gold, or blinged up rose gold or gold and silver

BSI Metal Bracelet – for a Flex (not Flex 2)

Autrun bracelet or necklace (necklace pictured) – also for a Flex – gold, rose gold, silver, black

Misfit WearablesStylish fitness tracker housings

from left once you have a Misfit Shine(round) or Misfit Ray (long)

Swarovski bracelet set (they also sell it with the tracker) – comes in multiple colours, white, grey, black, blue, light gold, lavender

Misfit bloom necklace – silver only

Misfit ray – multiple colours available- rose gold, white, grey silver, navy etc.

Michael Kors

Stylish activity trackers - where to buy

Michael Kors “Thompson” Clear Pave and White Mother-of-Pearl Tracker Bracelet – also in white gold, and rose gold (includes the tracker)

Michael Kors Access – comes in black, white, navy, gold, rose gold, pink, silver (includes the tracker)

Michael Kors “Access Activity Tracker” Reade Croco Embossed Silicone Bracelet – silver, gold, rose gold – includes the tracker

Jawbone Up2 and Up3

Where to buy stylish activity trackers

Jawbone Up range don’t have accessories, but you can purchase a more discreet tracker in a variety of different coloured bands, from silver to gold and a bunch of colours like the teal pictured here.


Stylish Activity trackers - Amazfit

The Amazfit tracker has a few accessory options.

Amazfit Equator wristband (tracker not included) – rose gold (pictured) and blush

Amazfit Moonbeam activity tracker in black or white

Amazfit infinity necklace (black or white – tracker not included)

It’s so easy now to camouflage your fitness tracker as jewellery with more and more options coming onto the market.  No longer are you stuck with an unattractive rubber wrist band!

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  • I bought a Misfit in a pretty burgandy color but it only worked for a couple of months (battery was still good but it wouldn’t track or sync) and the app that went with it was horrible, customer service non-existant. My brother bought the Jawbone Up (2 I think) and it stopped working after a few months, too. The company replaced it but after the 3rd replacement he just gave up. Didn’t like my Fitbit but the newer versions may be better. Wondering if anyone has had better luck with the Amazfit?

    • My husband had a jawbone – but he kept taking it in the shower and it stopped working – I had to explain -splash proof is not waterproof! I’ve had a couple – they tend to last around a year for me before bands break (my skin seems to eat through rubber). I’d never even heard of the Amazfit. I think Fitbit’s have definitely improved over recent times.

      • I may have to give the Fitbit another look. I’m glad these companies have finally realized that the rubber bands just don’t cut it outside the gym. I always wanted a leather band for mine. It would be much more comfortable and I don’t get mine wet so practical enough. These options are pretty enough to make you want to wear them.

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