Create an Illusion – Weekend Style Challenge


Create an illusion with your outfit - a fun style challenge


This week I wrote about how to be a magician using the art of illusion and distraction (and if you missed the post, read it here).

For this weekend’s style challenge, I want you to think about using some of these illusion and distraction techniques to create yourself a fabulous outfit.

Here in this outfit I’ve used a top with horizontal shoulder detail that helps to make my shoulders look broader so my hips look slimmer.

Creating an illusion of broader shoulders - Weekend Style Challenge Tips

By wearing the brighter and lighter colour near my face, it draws attention to my upper body.  The medium value of the pink makes the whole outfit medium value contrast which works with my contrast level.

Dress your portrait first - add detail to draw attention such as an accessory

And of course, I’m not forgetting to add that important focal point in my portrait area with this flower necklace.


While in this example below, I’m wearing a bright turquoise shrug which places the bulk of colour up near my face (portrait) and helps to draw attention there.

Draw attention to the portrait area - using colour to create a distraction


Even though the dress has a higher contrast print (black and white) because the print is more dominantly light, and I am dominantly light in value, and the turquoise shrug is medium value, it lowers the feeling of the overall outfit down to a medium value contrast.

So what a way to think about creating an outfit?  I’d love to see your style – feel free to share it on Instagram (tag me @insideoutstyle and #insideoutstyle) or over on my Style Lounge Facebook Group.


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    • Do you see that it doesn’t look as “out there” in the photo as you may feel that is does in person? Our own perceptions often is that things are more noticeable than they really are. I used to only wear tiny jewellery, but gradually started wearing larger and larger pieces as I discovered that I only ever got positive feedback!

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