Getting the Most from your Capsule Wardrobe


Getting the Most from your Capsule Wardrobe

Do you want to get the most value from your wardrobe?  Then it’s time to challenge yourself to creating as many outfits a possible from your existing garments and accessories.

You may worry that if they are currently working with a small wardrobe (say those Project 333 peeps) or capsule wardrobe that they will find this challenge impossible, but I want you to think a little more outside of the box.

1. How can you create more outfits with less pieces

  • If you have a capsule wardrobe that works together, you will find that there are more options than you realise.
  • If the colours work together, or patterns can be combined easily (such as stripes with florals, stripes with animal print etc.) then you are on to some winning formulas.  Working with a specific colour palette (like you’d get with a personal colour analysis) actually makes your outfit options expand rather than contrast, as your clothes more easily work together (and if you’d like to know what your ideal palette is, you can get my professional opinion on your colouring with my 7 Steps to Style program).

2. How can you accessorize differently

3. How can you be more creative with your wardrobe

Wear a Dress in Multiple Ways
  • Have you thought about wearing a top over your dress to make it look like a skirt instead?
  • Have you considered wearing your skirt as a dress with a t-shirt underneath?
Ways to Wear a Skirt

What are your tips to make your wardrobe more versatile?

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  • I always do 3 unconciously because I love to be creative (which I think has something to do with my childhood hobby: drawing and writing stories) like pulling a maxi skirt to the bust and wearing a sleeved crop top over it:
    or layering a crop top over a fitted tunic or tank dress (the burgundy “skirt” is actually a cami tunic, I tucked the neckline under the bralette and now it looks like a fitted two-piece dress/tunic. :P)

    but my biggest problem when creating a capsule wardrobe is that I always end up keeping all my clothes in same fabric which make the outfits always look a bit “flat” (mostly buy my clothes on H&M and shoes from Ecco/Vagabond/Deichmann)
    and also one of my biggest issue is accessorize, I always seems to think that I “have to wear same color on every accessory” so if Im wearing a pearl opera lenght necklace I always wear white bracelets or rings . :S I cant get the accessories “do the talking” to make a basic outfit look interesting. I lean towards classic pieces so I guess Im a bit matchy-matchy due to my personal styles (traditional/classic with a edgy or feminine flair + a bit of creavity because i love experiement with styles, but Im also drawn to relaxed clothes for casual wear but classic for everyday/evening wear. The more dressy the event is the more classic I prefer. :S)

    Also, when adding accessories to a capsule wardrobe, there is one thing I get a bit confused about: Imogen, how many accessories are typical to add in a capsule wardrobe?
    I always end up adding too many. -.-

  • I’m going to do a capsule wardrobe for maternity clothes this time around since I spent way too much the first time. I have so many jackets/blazers I can buy 3-5 t-shirts and just mix/match with them and my shoes (which I also have too many of!).

    Once my jackets no longer fit i can continue to change it up with my shoes and accessories. I should be able to get thru all nine months this way

  • A very helpful article, I love capsule wardrobes for many reasons and I find all the suggestions very practical and creative too. There is just one disadvantage about a capsule wardrobe that has been my main problem in the last years: sweat. With the changes of pre-menopause one starts sweating all of a sudden and even good and washable fabrics start resenting this situation after a while and then one has to invest in extra deo or in extra pieces for the capsule.
    It would be great if you would write an article about how to take care of the clothes when the body changes and one cannot always do something about it. You once suggested a certain brand of piyamas that could survive the night sweats. Is there anything so good for the rest of the clothes?
    Thanks in advance for the future article.

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