5 Excellent Reasons to Build a Capsule Wardrobe


Capsule Wardrobes are a great concept that can be a god-send to many.  They don’t suit everyone, but if you’re trying to decide if you should “capsule” your wardrobe here are 5 excellent reasons to build a capsule wardrobe

5 Excellent Reasons to Create a Capsule Wardrobe1. You Want to Keep it Simple

You enjoy owning very few clothes.  You want to own little, but you need everything to be versatile to give you the greatest number of outfit options out of the least number of garments.  You’ve not got much space and you like the simple, uncluttered life.

2. You’re Starting Again

You have to rebuild your wardrobe from scratch.  Maybe you’ve lost or gained weight, are pregnant or have just worn out all your old clothes and you need to build a new wardrobe from scratch.  Then starting with the capsule concept will ensure that you build a cohesive and relevant wardrobe that’s versatile and gives you lots of great options.  You’ll be buying with a plan!

3. You’re On the Road, Train, Bike or Plane

You are travelling (or planning on travelling).  Having a great wardrobe capsule that you can use for travel will ensure that you can carry less and still have many options of outfits to enjoy whilst on your travels.

4. You Want Versatility

You have a variety of personal styles.  You are more eclectic and enjoy mixing it up.  Say you have a boho style for the weekend, a business wardrobe for work, and a smart wardrobe for various events and casual Friday.  Rather than build one wardrobe capsule, you may build one or more capsules around each personal style and lifestyle need.  Creating capsules for each personality style ensures that you can put a variety of outfits together, vs just purchasing and wearing  one-outfit garments.  Much better cost-per-wear!

5. You’d Love a Uniform

You love the idea of a uniform.  Capsules work best for those who like to get up and dressed without having to think and are happy rotating through the same clothes frequently (read up more about this and whether or not it’s you here).  They enjoy a look and more of a ‘uniform’ style of dress (even if it is a uniform of their own).  A capsule makes this easy.  And  you don’t have to just have one capsule, you can enjoy a variety of capsules for different areas of your life and activities.

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