What do Your Shoes Say About You?


what do your shoes say about you - how are they communicatingHave you ever thought about the impact that just a pair of shoes has on your outfit? When paired with a simple jean, shoes can take you from running an errand, to running a meeting. From stepping out to dance, to stepping out at the beach.

If you imagine each of these shoes paired with the jeans, you can see how each will take you somewhere new.

Don’t ever dismiss the power of the shoe.

The Finishing Touch


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  • I just now checked out your business website – what a wealth of information! You said I could let you know if there was something I’d like to know about…and I was wondering if you would be willing to do a color post for us.

  • My pointy shoe collection says I am “pointed, sharp, direct, forward-thinking.” It also says, “impractical, a dreamer, a glutton for punishment…” great Polyvore action, Im!

  • I have a lot of red shoes. And, so many ballet flats you would think I was a ballerina. As I do so much in the way of black clothing shoes are where I show my true colours: reds, pinks, greens and animal prints.

  • Simone – comfy shoes don’t have to be ugly – just remember that!

    Nic – thanks – will get you something

    k.line -what kind of shoes float your boat?

    Karen – pointy shoes to me say – a bit dramatic, likes to make her legs look longer, elegant and sophisticated. Just new at Polyvore – but great tool and hope to get the hang of it!

    La Belette – No orange shoes? Your ballet flats are a great way of having comfort without losing style.

  • Could you do a post like this with a denim skirt for those who, for whatever reason, do not wear slacks or pants at all?

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