How to Work that Little Black Dress


Work that LBD
Work that LBD by imogenl featuring French ConnectionThe Little Black Dress is so widely known and loved and appears in many wardrobes – but how do you get full value from it? Why not dress it up and down to make it work harder for you.

Here I’ve quickly put together some ideas on what accessories you could put with it to make it more casual, to dressing it up for a cocktail party.
Where and when do you wear your LBD?


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  • Hi Imogen,
    Luv that idea. You dont really need that many clothes after all do you, just different accessories. You could even add a black patent belt and black peep toe shoes for a corporate look with or without a jacket depending on how warm it is and then mayby pearls or classic gold or silver jewlery. But how about us warm colour people, what colour dress should we go for if we want to adopt the same idea. I am a spring.

  • I don't wear mine enough. I bought one last year that had a square cut necklane and showed to much cleavage, so now it just sits in my closet!

  • Hi Maria,
    If you luv the dress alot why not sew a band of pretty lace or even plain black material, what ever takes your fancy and you can raise the neckline. I have seen people alter the necklines like this before because they feel the neckline shows a bit too much.

  • I don´t own a LBD. Not sure, if I ever will. However, I do have a linen black skirt suit ( 5/6 sleeves ), skirt knee length, with a nice fit, which I´ve had for maybe 6 years by MaxMara. It can be dressed up and down, worn anywhere. Last spring I also bought a new linen black suit with cup sleeves and long skirt pants( ?), which can also be dressed up/down. Having both of these, I feel no need for a real LBD. Linen, when worn, gets just the right amount of `texture´imo, which suits a woman of a certain age.

  • Hi Imogen, thanks for today! It was fun and I have bought myself something new to wear already- in the right colours of course! I don't have a LBD and I don't think I ever will. Maybe a brown one? Or bronze?

  • I luv LUV the LBD! So versatile!
    I pair it with a colored cardigan and bright accessories for day. Or black boots and a leather blazer. I would often put blazers over it for day-to-night options when I was working in an office. I love it with patterned and/or colored tights in fall/winter.

  • I wear mine for dinner parties/restaurants, to the theatre, gallery opening, etc. and sometimes shopping. Love them! When visiting Paris, don't miss La Petite Robe Noire, Didier Ludot's boutique at 125, Galerie de Valois
    (1st arr.) to see the stunning array of vintage and new black dresses.

    Dress shown is French Connection, whose quality I find very poor. But perhaps the savings were diverted to that TDF purple croc clutch!

  • Katherine – yes – these are just a few ideas. Warm people need a lovely dark brown, deep olive, rusty burgundy or marine navy dress instead!

    Maria – have the neckline altered with another fabric as suggested by Katherine.

    Metscan – you don't have to own one, but having that fail safe alternative as you do is great!

    Vicki – thanks so much for coming and being a colour model – it was lovely to meet you. What did you buy? And see colour options for a dress – any of your great eye or hair enhancer colours!

    Jesslyn – great versatility in action!

    Duchesse – glad you get the wear from yours – I'm sure it's gorgeous! Next time I'm in Paris I will be sure to look your recommendation out!

    Annie – thanks so much for stopping by! It's great to meet other Melbourne bloggers!

  • I wear a simply styled LBD with sleek lines and a fabulous vintage brooch, earrings and bracelet.
    The dress is the backdrop for the jewelry.

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