Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe


In this video Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss ways of organising your wardrobe more effectively so it’s easier to shop your wardrobe and discover more outfit options.

What are your tips for organsing your wardrobe so that you can create lots of fabulous outfits from your existing clothes?


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  • Now that I think about it, my closet organization is currently quite complex. I keep at hand only the things I need for the season, storing in less accessible shelves the rest. I separate clean items from worn items: I don’t like it when I keep wearing different things every day and I end up with a closet of worn items and nothing spot clean to wear. So if something I’ve worn still doesn’t need to be washed, I try to where it again soon. Does this make sense for anybody? Next subdivision is heroes vs. supporting acts, a concept I’ve learnt from Imogen. This is good to spark inspiration: I just pick a hero and build my outfit around it. It also helps me to be more aware of what may be the holes in my wardrobe. Finally, I arrange clothes by category (suits, blazers and jackets, tops, pants, etc.) and by colour within the categories. In this way I always know exactly where to look for an item. Similar principles apply to underwear and accessories such as bags, shoes etc. I used to arrange items by function (work or play), but I find the hero vs. supporting act concept more useful. I still have a separate pile for work-out clothes though.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have access to this video from my computer at work, but I hope you don’t mind me askin a queation still, because i have a small wardrobe and try to combine the items in different ways: whwn is an outfit considered as “new”? If I wear the same top and the same pair of boots that my colleagues have seen many times before, but not in this exact combination, will they consider the outfit from different from what they have seen before, or just notice that now I’m wearing that top again and those boots again?

    • New – is putting together your clothes in different combinations – sure they will have seen each individual item before, but you’re creating new outfits rather than just wearing the same combination in the same way again and again.

  • Recently I have organised my wardrobes for winter season and done my home cleaning. You know this year I have bought some fancy storage boxes as, I found them the best method to organize and store things in effective manner. I have gone through this video and found it helpful. Thanks for sharing this inspiring and informative write up.

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