Ep 251: Body Image and Your Style

I was inspired to talk about body image after receiving these 3 style struggles:
My biggest challenge is… I was slim and sexy, now I am menopausal, well over fifty and have a huge protruding belly and double chin. No, this is not a joke, I wish it were. I’ve stopped going out for months because of this. (I picked up weight also, was always 60 kgs now 100 kgs
My body shape is my biggest challenge. I am a pear shape…. thin arms, small face, tiny bust yet I have a bit of a tummy, bottom and hips. Also my age:( I’m 55 and don’t want to dress too young, yet not like an old maid. And I can’t stand tight fitting clothes 😒Help !!!!
My biggest challenge, is I like structure and tailored clothes but I am short and I have a big stomach that ruins it for me!

EP200: Let’s Talk Body Image, Weight and Shopping

I received this email (and I get many like it, so you too may relate), so I wanted to talk about waiting to lose weight.
I am not your typical female with a closet full of clothes.
I’m 54 and have had issues w/ my body since I was a kid and have mostly felt uncomfortable shopping AND always waiting to shop for clothes until I lose ’10 pounds’ so I have a very short list of clothing items that I wear.
My goal is to stop waiting and start shopping which I’ve wanted to do for months now but can’t seem to do it – when I actually go online to shop for clothes I’m there for hours trying to find things that I would feel comfortable in as well as look good and I just don’t have that time right now.
Any suggestions?