Ep 280: The starting point to your style

One reason there are so many mistakes are made shopping for clothes, and why so many have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear, or just feel dissatisfied with our style is that we haven’t defined the starting point to your style. Just like when you plan any journey, you need to know your starting point before you can plan your route. The same can be said for your style, if you don’t know where you are now, and what your criteria are that you need to focus on to make the best shopping decisions.

Ep 278: What makes you memorable?

It’s not what is the same, it’s what is different, and we often perceive those differences as flaws to be hidden not uniqueness to be celebrated. It’s time to embrace the Japanese concept of Kintsugi and taken what you perceive to be broken and instead realise how resilient you really are and see the beauty in those metaphorical scars.

273: How to rebuild your wardrobe

How do you dress more Rebellious when black all over is a little overpowering for your coloring? Do I stick with black on the bottom and grays up top? I still love rock band T-shirts, leather stuff, metals, etc. but I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard. I also have elements of Creative, Natural personality styles and am a hopeless romantic.

Ep 251: Body Image and Your Style

I was inspired to talk about body image after receiving these 3 style struggles:
My biggest challenge is… I was slim and sexy, now I am menopausal, well over fifty and have a huge protruding belly and double chin. No, this is not a joke, I wish it were. I’ve stopped going out for months because of this. (I picked up weight also, was always 60 kgs now 100 kgs
My body shape is my biggest challenge. I am a pear shape…. thin arms, small face, tiny bust yet I have a bit of a tummy, bottom and hips. Also my age:( I’m 55 and don’t want to dress too young, yet not like an old maid. And I can’t stand tight fitting clothes 😒Help !!!!
My biggest challenge, is I like structure and tailored clothes but I am short and I have a big stomach that ruins it for me!