Ep311: Your Image is Impacting Your Income

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What you wear is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and research has shown that how you appear, your personal presentation, and attractiveness have the power to impact your income in positive or negative ways.  Have you thought about what your image is saying and the impact it may be having on your career?


Babies Prefer Attractive Faces

Even tiny babies prefer to look at attractive faces for longer, it’s an innately human thing to enjoy beauty, according to research.  And global studies have found that more attractive people earn between 10-25% more (depending on the country) than unattractive, without working harder or getting an additional degree or more education.  This is why the beauty image is worth billions.

Why is this?  It’s the 2nd Hand Car Principle.

Imagine you’re buying a 2nd hand car, and you’re comparing two – same make, model, and mileage, one is pristine, it’s spotless, and appears to be in great condition, the other is dusty and dirty and there are old takeaway food wrappers and junk all over the seats.   Which would you pay more for?

You assume that the car that’s well maintained on the outside, is also better maintained under the bonnet, so your assumption would be that the pristine car is worth more than the car full of old chip wrappers and smooshed sultanas.   It’s all in the packaging.  

Fortune 500 CEOs have said all other things being equal, they will always employ the candidate with better personal presentation over the one who is not presenting as well.

Your Clothing is Your Packaging and Your Personal Brand Image

Your clothing and image are a powerful form of non-verbal communication and 93% of communication is non-verbal.  Your image is an important part of this and what you wear and how you groom yourself indicates information about your self-esteem and value, and it’s human nature to assume that if you’re packaged well, you also have the wherewithal to do a better job and so are more valuable as an employee.  Yet you’re not taught what to wear, how to wear it, what works for you or how to create a powerful personal brand image by leveraging your style.

Improve Your Style Improves Your Confidence

When you have more confidence it opens doors and gives you access to more opportunities.  

More confidence means you are more likely to speak up and interact with people, building relationships and connections.   It means not second-guessing every decision and worrying about how others will judge you.

Confidence gives you more courage and charisma to stand out and be seen and have more influence and impact.

Unleash Your Personal Brand by Uplevelling Your Style

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This is why I”m so passionate about helping women uplevel their style, getting the style education they need to use this form of non-verbal communication to their advantage, as I have seen time and time again just how influential and powerful it is and so often overlooked as fluffy or frivolous and unimportant.

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