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Ep 230: How to build a wardrobe that works for you?

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Are you a hot or cold person?  That is, do you find that you’re always hot or cold?  It might not be something you’ve thought about, but it really has a huge impact on all your style choices.

Find out why you need to know the answer to this question to build a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories that actually works for you.  Watch the video

If You Run Hot

Layering may not be your thing.  In fact, you may find that you never layer or will only add one layer in the depths of winter.  This means that you need your tops to be the star as won’t be adding so many “third pieces” as others may, to add more interest to your outfits.  It also means you can look for more interesting construction in your pieces as you don’t need to layer over the top of them.  You may even find you can wear most of your clothes year-round rather than needing quite different wardrobes from summer to winter (depending on where you live in the world and the climate there).  Here are three easy ways to add interest to your summer outfits when it’s too hot to add layers.

How to add interest to your summer outfits when it's too hot for layers

How long do your sleeves need to be?  You may find, like one client I had who ran hot, that she owned nothing longer than a 3/4 sleeve in tops and jackets

Which fabrics work?  You are most likely wanting to stay away from synthetics such as polyester which don’t breathe, for fabrics like linen and bamboo that are more comfortable in the heat.  

Think prints and patterns as part of your staples in summer if you run hot to add interest to all your outfits.  Make sure they work for your colour and value contrast so they enhance your features too!

You may find that your accessories are lighter in weight and more simplified.  You may even look for built-in detail in the decolletage/portrait area so that you don’t need to add too much if it makes you feel hot.  Instead of necklaces think about adding brooches or feature earrings.  Scarves may be tied around your handbag rather than your neck!

In summer you may also find that dresses are better than tops and bottoms, as you don’t require a waistband that holds in the heat.  Get more tips on staying cool in summer here.


If You Run Cold

You may need more clothes in winter.   I run cold and wear 3-5 layers every day (on my top half) in winter (which I’ve written about here), which means I need more clothes and finer layering items with more similar necklines so that they layer easily.  There are no batwings or overly interesting garments in my winter layers, just lots of fine merino knits and cotton elastane knits for underneath.  It’s the outer layers that can get more interesting, jackets and blazers in colours and prints, plus patterned scarves in lots of colours and statement jewellery that turns a simple basic outfit into something more stylish.

Which fabrics do you prefer to wear?  You may love fine wool and cashmere (my winter favourite as it’s warm and comfortable), but be also happy to wear some garments with some synthetic fibres as they help to keep the heat in.

Layering is something you need to master if you run cold.  And this is why choosing the kinds of garments that can be easily worn together (a colour palette is soooo handy as the colours easily work well together in many combinations) is the way to go. Here are some tips to help you layer more stylishly!

I run cold most of the time which means I always need lots of warm layers to keep me warm - I'm wearing 4 layers in this outfit

You may also need to remember to take a layer in summer when moving from the outside heat into an airconditioned environment.  Having layers that work for all temperatures and outfits is something that you will need, and so cold people tend to need larger wardrobes than hot people.

Do you run hot or cold (or are you like Mama Bear who is luckily at the happy medium)?  How does it impact your style and wardrobe choices?

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