How to Wear Scarves in Summer


Summer can be hot, and the thought of wearing a scarf as an accessory may not be the first thing that pops into your head, but Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I will show you in this short video a few ways to wear the summer scarf.

In this video we discuss the weight of summer scarves. How to tie them so you don’t get too hot, and styling options.


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  • A scarf can be wonderfully cooling with a singlet top to drape over your neck and keep the sun off. It can be moved for a cool breeze which feels like you have lifted your top and let the air in. It is often 40 degrees where I live and when walking to the car or across the street I can throw a light cotton scarf on my shoulders which blocks the burn without my having to suffocate my already hot body in a layer of sunscreen.

  • It’s so great that you had this post because after just having binge watched 4 seasons of Offspring (any other fans out there?) I’ve been wanting to try the Nina Proudman scarf look but I found if I wear it like she does, it just makes my face look too wide. I’m going to try knotting it further down to get the “V” neckline.
    I’d love it if you could post about how to do some fantastic Nina P. looks for those of us who love her style but aren’t as tiny as she is. I’m an X but a full bodied one.

  • Scarfs in summer…never considered it. Thank-you.

    NB Ladies, you both are very pretty and have lovely outfits, but gosh, especially since fitting garments is part of your blog, watch out!! Jillie….your aqua top might want to just skim your curves!!

  • Thanks for post. I use scarves in summer instead of sunscreen to protect my neck from sunburn. I liked the way you add the broach to hold the scarf in place. A well chosen artificial flower (with clip) could hold the scarf in place and add some colour as well. Sorry this sounds trashy but might work.

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