“Style is a journey, not a destination.”

What is Style?

Style is a journey, not a destination. Click To Tweet It’s a journey that you progress through your entire life. What is stylish on an 10 year old is not stylish on a 20 year old. Your personality develops and changes. You grow, learn and evolve, as should your style too. Style is not one-size-fits-all…

Ignite Your Style Genius

Discover how to ignite your style genius and define your personal style with this 12 month style program designed by an image consultant. You’ll have access to our weekly members-only Q&A sessions where you have access for an hour every week to Imogen and her team of style experts to answer any questions that arise from your monthly focus. Imagine having access to Imogen and her team LIVE for support, advice and HOT tips … there is truly nothing holding you back from accessing your style genius!

The Secret to Staying Young

Exercise Taking regular exercise helps you to stay physically healthier and mentally sharper into old age, four studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed on Monday. Here are some of the studies: One of the studies found that women who exercised more during middle age – defined as an average age of 60…

colour and style questions scarves

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 18

In this Video 0.16 What are some options if you have short legs and dark colouring but need a strap to keep your shoes on? 4.10 Will changing my hair colour change my palette or just my contrasts? 8.06 How do I know if I should wear patterns or solid colours? Faking a Low Vamp…