How to Choose a Flattering Hair Colour


Apparently 70% of women colour their hair.  Yet frequently as I walk down the street I see a lot of people with unflattering hair colours.  The most common problems are:

1. Too dark for your skin – just because you once had very dark hair, as you age your skin changes and you need to go gradually lighter.

2. Too warm for your skin – as we age our skin loses some of it’s warmth – the carotene goes and we start cooling down a bit – if you have cool skin or it’s only just a bit warm, a warm golden or strawberry blonde or copper tones will make your face look ruddy.

3. Too cool for your skin – if you have warm skin, cool platinum or ash blondes will make you look pale and washed out.

4. Too light for your skin – this will make you look washed out or pallid.

So here are my tips on how to choose a flattering hair colour, no matter what your age or colouring.  Watch this short video.

Just remember, the hair colour we had as a child or a 20 year old is not the hair colour that will be most flattering today as our skin changes and colours need to be gradually lightened and softened with age.


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  • I think our hair naturally changes to the most flattering shade…gray! Those of us who are “silver sisters” like to say that it is the only color you can’t buy at the salon, making it very rare and valuable 🙂

    But until most women feel the same way, your video is a great resource for choosing a flattering shade.

    • Babe – I personally love some constrast on me, but what I’ve discovered is that one person’s version of chocolate brown is much lighter than another persons. So without actually looking at their skin tones and the colour on them it’s impossible to guess.

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