Make Your Necklace the Hero – Weekend Style Challenge


Necklaces are great ways to create focal points. They draw attention upwards and can add a desired level of contrast, interest and detail to your “communication centre” (that’s a fancy way of saying your face!).   Why do I love necklaces so much?  Well they can make you look instantly more stylish.  They can add interest to an otherwise basic outfit.  They can add a touch of panache, of excitement and drama.  They can be creative or classic.  They cross every border and add a vital element to many outfits.

Make Your Necklace Your Outfit Hero – Weekend Style Challenge

Take some time to create an outfit or two using a necklace as your inspiration.  Try different colour schemes and contrast levels and take photographs ( and feel free to share on our Inside Out Style Lounge Facebook Page)  to see which are the most flattering on.

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