How to Choose a Necklace to Work with Your Neckline


I was asked by a reader how to choose match necklaces with clothing, so to start, here is a quick guide on how to match necklines and necklaces.

Necklines that have detail – beading, ruffles, cowls etc, don’t need any extra embellishment, avoid wearing a necklace with them.

Lower necklines such as Vs, Scoops, Square, Sweetheart need something to fill in the space, but preferably on the skin rather than hanging over onto the top.

High necklines like crews and boat necklines look great with longer necklaces.

Collared necklines work well with narrower and higher necklaces, if you have a longer neck, try a choker, otherwise something that fits in the space and sits just below your collar bones.

Use the colours of your top as an inspiration for choosing a necklace.  Look at the styling – modern and minimal, don’t wear fussy old fashioned jewellery.


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  • Perfect timing for me too. This morning my necklace went a bit too long and I fastened it higher with a safety pin. Compliments galore!

  • Thanks! Makes perfect sense to me. I like my tops to have an open neckline. I don´t even have to wear anything; a scarf/pashmina is optional too.

  • For the detailed neckline, Imogen, I don't mind a fine chain with little diamond stations- like the Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard. I love adjustable necklaces that drop it lower/higher by an inch to inch and a half.

  • Interesting illustrations.

    I tend to feel overcrowded with a necklace close to my face; chains and beads are fine, but a bigger pendant is better off lower down. I like wearing a V-neck with a much deeped v-leather-string with a pendant on it.

  • Really helpful, but the most interesting part for me is that I realize I almost always wear one type of neckline – the second, open kind. Hmmm…

  • Down the garden path – glad it helps!

    Tessa – ah, changing the length of a necklace is so important!

    vicki – yes you can use other garment colours to harmonise

    Maria – thanks so much

    Metscan – scarves are another great option – especially when cold

    Sal – obviously great minds thing alike!

    Duchesse – yes you can get away with very fine on an embellished neckline

    anonymous – check out your balance points, you may have a shorter neck which means you need to wear jewellery lower down.

    Struggler – I think we all have our favourites! I know I do.

    anon – the longer lower necklace is better for a smaller bust (it draws some attention there) or for a shorter neck. This wooden style is more relaxed too!

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