How to Choose Jewellry aka The Art of Reminisence


how to choose necklaces

Many years ago (approximately 8 I think) I did some training with the amazing Carla Mathis (author of The Triumph of Individual Style). During that training Carla brought to my attention what I will call “the Art of Reminiscence” which has really helped me understand how to style, what to put with what in so many ways, but in particular it has given me a framework to use when choosing jewellery for an outfit.

This concept relates to Related Shapes and Lines – two of the Principles of Co-ordination that I’ve written about on previous occasions which you can read here and here  and is the basis of this blog post on how to choose a necklace to go with your neckline.

I thought I’d give you some real life examples of using some pics I’ve taken recently as another reminder of this concept.

how to choose a necklace that relates to the pattern in your top

Turquoise beads – natural shape and texture. Top has a water colour natural effect pattern.  The organic shapes of some of the beads relates to the organic shapes within the washed out watercolour pattern in the top.   The colour of the beads is also contained within the top.

Choosing a necklace to relate to the pattern in your top

Geometric stripes on the top with the wooden angular slim lengths that harmonize.   Notice the angular stripes on the top relate to the angular lines in the necklace?  If I’d chosen a really curvy necklace it would have looked odd with he pattern on this top.  My earrings are also squares which relate to the shapes in the top.  The high contrast pattern works well with the bold colour.

Choosing a necklace texture and pattern

Snakeskin blouse pattern in blue works with the multiple crystals in the blue eye (colour and pattern).  The small ‘dottyness’ of the snakeskin is reminiscent of the multiple crystals in the eye necklace, plus the blues are very similar so harmonise well.

Relating the pattern of the top to the construction of the necklace

Black and white striped top and pink multi strand necklace.  You can see that the multiple strands of the necklace relate to the multiple stripes in the top.

Relating the shape of the necklace to the pattern in the blouse

Blue and white blouse with a curled silver necklace.  The detail in the necklace, the way the curls work replicates part of the pattern in the blue and white blouse.


Relating the beads to the outfit from lipstick to pattern in the skirt

Zebra Kimono with Snakeskin skirt and black and red beads.  You can see the smaller beads here have a bitty pattern that relate to the skirt.  I’m also replicating the red of the beads on my lipstick to create a relationship between the red and my outfit.  The multiple sizes of beads bridges a gap between the two patterns and their sizes, and the black bead shape is similar to the shape of my belt buckle.

How to choose jewellery - Blue lace necklace with blue patterned kimono

Blue lace with blue patterned kimono.   You can see that there is an almost lace-like pattern in the kimono here that I’ve replicated with my lace necklace.  Not only that, the blue in the necklace is also within the kimono so they really look like they go together.

You can see that I’ve just been using necklaces here in this explanation, but you could absolutely relate the same concepts to choosing any sort of jewellery such as bracelets and bangles, brooches or rings, and even think about it for the details of your shoes.

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