Accessories are the Icing on Your Sartorial Cake





In the words of Iris Apfel “I worship at the alter of accessories”

Why?  Well they are an incredibly powerful way to change up your outfit without changing clothes.  You don’t need a huge wardrobe. You really can dress an outfit up or down by changing a couple of accessories.

Discover how to choose and combine accessories:

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Take Action

Create beauty bundles with your accessories (check out what they are here).

Over the next week wear a different beauty bundle of accessories each day.

Share your pics with me on social media with #AccessoriseinStyle

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  • Hi Imogen, I find it hard to find (colourful) accessories that don’t look cheap. Can you reccomend brands or online shops which also ship to Europe? Best, Andrea

    • It’s about what you like. So many stores sell bits and pieces of jewellery that you can check out. It’s just making sure that you avoid the ‘plastic’ looking which tends to look cheap, but look for glass or resin or other materials that you can be seen at all price points. There are all sorts of places to purchase – from ebay to Etsy.

  • Sorry, hit the send-button too early: I find it especially diffibult if you want to find larger / “statement” necklaces.

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