5 Ways to Accessorize from Day to Night

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Inspired by your post on formality of prints  I’m wondering if you could do the same examination with accessories?

So: What makes a necklace/belt/earrings casual/formal/elegant?

My aim is to have just a few clothes which I combine differently with different accessories. It’s not enough clear to me how to dress it up and down with jewelry. Is it just the material (gold versus wood) or the shimmer or the size?

I thank you a lot and it’s always the highlight of my day coming home and reading your latest posts 🙂

Warmest regards from Germany


There are few elements to look for when deciding on the level of refinement of jewellery.

5 Ways to Accessorize from Day to Night1. The Sparkle Factor

level of refinement jewellery


The more a piece has a lot of sparkle then it becomes more of a Level 1 piece, more appropriate at night rather than during the day (unless your personality demands daytime sparkle, more on that later).

The more the piece lacks shine or polish, the more casual it is, wood and plastic or resin are less refined than silver or gold.  Sparkling cut stones are more refined than polished stones.

Next we look at the size.

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  • I stay away from sparkly stuff. I’m all about practicality and durability even while “dressing up”. I guess with jewelry, bags and shoes, everything I own is Level 2. I do have some delicate silk outfits, though, without any sparkles.

    I guess I wear Level 1 clothes with Level 2 accessories while “dressing up”.

  • Although Im practical with shoes and bags but not so much jewelry.
    This is definitly a part of my personality which very flexible – After keep practicing with my style for a year or so I do notice my dominant personal style is rather a combination of Classic and Natural – the structure and styles of the classics but comfort and of the natural – like knit blazers, pullovers and trouser dress-wedge booties. Shoes I always protice function but thats coz of medical reasons not my personality but i often look for polished leather, slim low heeled hidden wedgd heels plus blending to my pants or tights to make them look dressier.
    The other part of my style is Feminine (color, texture, silhoutte and more elegant/classy hemline/neckline. Im gently feminine, not “dramatic sexy”-feminine unless my mood demand that for a occasion (prefer showing off my silhoutte with slight fitted garment, not skin) and a tiny bit of Dramatic and Creative. The latter two only to “accent” the classic-natural-feminine outfits. So as far as jewelry goes, it depends on my mood. Im definitly a rule breaker with jewelry and makeup – there are no “day” and “evening” looks in my book! 😉 i would wear sheer red lips and pearls even when running errands – but only if the overall outfit fit the occasion,

    ….because really i doubt a pair of pearl stud earrings with an untucked collar shirt, slim fit twill pants and leather flats & suble smokey eyes (wash of taupe eyeshadow & mascara) + sheer red lips will provoke THAT much of attention from others. On my casual occasions, my dressyness level depends on the *details* in my outfits and my mood Not traditional “rules”.

    But stilettos, flayboyant mini dresses, chandelier earrings does never see the daylight. I dont find myself in the extreme/dramatic range. 😛

    An thats a little rant about how I dress. 😉

  • I really recommend Imogen’s book on accessorizing. I found it on Amazon before I knew about this blog, and both have answered so many questions for me.

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