Best Hairstyles for your Face Shape – Round


Round face hairstyles (500x333)

The round face has a width that is almost as wide as the face is long (a face is generally a little longer) but it’s length is well less than 1.5 times the width.

Hairstyles that Work for a Round Face

Long hair – it visually minimises the width of your face and elongates it, any layers shouldn’t start before your earlobe, otherwise it will create too much fullness at the sides.

Side swept fringe (bangs).

Short hair with height (it can be spiky or curly at the crown), but no width.

Long hair with waves, the softness of the waves harmonises with your curved face shape

If you have a symmetrical face you can part it in the middle, otherwise if you have asymmetrical features, part your hair on the side.

Hair styles that pass your cheeks closely to cut off some of their width.

Tuck both sides if your hair is short and the layers are growing out and you want to slim down the width of your face.

A concave bob where the hair at the front goes past your jaw, but is cut up and has fullness at the crown at the back.

If wearing your hair in a ponytail, leave some strands out to frame your face.

Curly hair is ideally cut short (with height, but not width) or worn longer past the shoulders.


Hairstyles to Avoid for a Round Face

Heavy blunt cut fringe

Any cut that adds width around the cheekbones which will just make your face look shorter and wider



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  • Imogen, what do you mean by “length is well less than 1.5 times the width”? Is 7” well less than 8.25”?

      • Got it, thanks. Wondering how neck length factors in — a round face on top of a long neck looks more ‘long’, I guess, than on a short one.

          • Thanks. Got a haircut yesterday (very timely post :)) and the stylist indeed recommended a side-sweep with mid-neck hair-length.

            She commented that it suits my profile, too: I guess other than face shape and neck length, the profile is another big factor that we often don’t think about because it’s not obvious from just looking in the mirror.

            Still getting used to it; my casual/natural self hates feeling like my hair has been “done”.

  • Will there be a post on pear face shape? My face looks like a round one from cheekbones down, but my forehead is narrow, high and has a squared hairline, it looks like a pear with the top cut off in a straight line. yes.

  • Hi Imogen,

    I have a round face (about 6.5″ length, 6″ width). My problem is that I have a *tiny* forehead. I’m talking, like half the height of the ladies in the images you’ve posted above. From the top of my brow to my hairline is only 1.25″, and from the bridge of my nose to my hairline is 2″. To make matters worse, I have a widow’s peak. Cute, side-swept bangs won’t work – they completely cover my eyes and half my note, or else they look ridiculously short if cut short enough. Even long, parted hair, pushed back behind the ears, hits into my eyes. Any suggestions for hairstyle for small foreheads, besides wearing the same pulled-back hairstyle everyday?

  • Can I ask for ideas for women over 45 who’ve yes had the same hairstyle since they were 16 because
    I hated my cheekbones (no one else had them as big as me except Sophia Loren). I just got style tip 12
    and I have yearned for a new cut since 45 (48 in a fee days). I find I just don’t have the same oomph in standing in front of the mirror for 30-45 minutes daily anymore. Just want easy peasy lemon squeezy but
    An ageing neck, large cheekbones and a face that resembles a sphere with a widows peak and resulting
    cow lick and as someone just said a lower forehead… Have you ever done a post and researched ideas for

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