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My 7 yo (at the time) daughter picked, arranged and photographed these flowers for me

Many of us, over time, lose our creativity.  Or, we don’t appreciate that we are creative because we’re not creative in the ‘arts’ field – can’t paint or sculpt, write music or poetry.   So we think “I’m not creative” and then proceed to go through our lives with that belief.

Over the years I’ve been an image consultant I’ve discovered that many of my clients wish they were creative, or more creative, but don’t feel that their work gives them an outlet to do so, or just have no idea how to go about expressing their creativity.

One of the joys of working in as a personal stylist is  helping them rediscover some of that supressed creativity through their clothes.  From the simple step of adding an accessory to an otherwise ‘uniform’ type outfit, to becoming more adventurous in mixing colours or re-discovering their love of more eclectic and creative clothing styles.

How to Become More Creative With Your Style

Our ability to imagine, to create, to inspire is one of the benefits of having a human brain, that allows us to think about more than just where the next meal is coming from and where we can find a safe and secure place to sleep (if you’re one of the lucky ones as I am).  So isn’t it time we celebrated our imagination and decided to put it to good use each day.  I like to challenge myself each day to create a new outfit out of my wardrobe, a combination of garments and accessories I’ve not tried before (this is a great reason to do a style challenge as it helps you think more creatively about your style). 

I love thinking more creatively about how I can put together outfits, from all the existing clothing in my wardrobe.  Taking a moment in the morning to think outside the box, the way I have put together an outfit in the past, to a new way I could try on this new day.  From wearing a scarf as a vest, or as a top or even as a belt to wearing a garment in a completely different way!

Why consider what's going on at the back of your outfit
Wearing your cardigan upside down

Having read lots of different blogs over the years I can become inspired by other bloggers who put together their outfits in ways that express who they are in an authentic way.   I certainly don’t want to copy them, but fashion bloggers offer a plethora of different ways to style outfits, on their different body shapes, to express their unique personalities.    Fashion bloggers can help us try a little of something new,  give us the impetus to use our own imagination to re-work our own outfits in new and inspired ways.

Many of my readers have let me know how much they enjoy my Stylish Thoughts blog post series as it allows them to peek into the stylish minds and wardrobes of others.

Which fashion bloggers have inspired you to try new ways of styling your outfits?

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I is for Imagination - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of style


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  • Totally off topic – I must know what that glorious blue daisy-like flower is. Because I need to be growing some.

    I love your blog. I’ve learned so much from you.

  • Imogen, your blog is definitely one of the most sensible, practical fashion blogs out there, full of useful advice and pictures. If I could choose only a fixed number of fashion blogs to read, yours would definitely be on the list!!

  • I love your blog and I subscribe to the missus smarty pants website and learn a lot from her. I just started reading the “Already Pretty” blog and love it. I am new to thinking about fashion but am so inspired and informed by the 3 of you. Thank you.

      • Her blog is helpful, but if you pay the yearly membership ($39/year, USA$), you get to send her your picture and she tells you your body type, then she sends you a weekly document with specific clothes she found in stores for your body type, tops, pants, skirts and dresses, and accessories. You can click on any of those items and it takes you to that website and item, in case you want to buy it. She also sends a weekly document with the advice of the week. One week it was skin care and skin care products, one was laundry advice, one was how to wear an item 3 ways, one was vanishing line panties and well fitting bras, etc. You can also pay $10 and send her your picture and she will tell you what your seasonal coloring is. She just re-did her website and added a forum for people to chat on. So…. I just thought you wouldn’t know those things just from looking at her blog.



        • I forgot to mention missus smarty pants also has a free weekly radio talk show on blog talk radio.



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