How to Style a Scarf as a Cowl Neck Top


What to do when you’re not feeling inspired by your wardrobe.  It could be you’re having a day when you’re feeling a bit bloated and your regular outfits will not be comfortable, or you’re just a bit bored with what you’ve got.

Rather than run out and buy something new, why not get a little more creative in your wardrobe and style something a different way such as turning your cardigan upside down before you put it on.

You may have a scarf collection that you usually just wear around your neck.  And great as that is, sometimes that’s just not what you’re feeling in the mood for, as I wasn’t the other day. Scarf as a top

I picked up this gorgeous silk scarf on my trip to Thailand earlier this year where I was running some colour analysis and personal styling training programs and just loved its colours and the dragonfly motifs.  It’s an example of a pattern that has both warm and cool elements but is more cool than warm.

Styling a Scarf as a Cowl Neck Top

It’s a large rectangle shape, which gives quite a few options on how to wear it and I wasn’t “feeling” any of my tops, so thought I’d pop it over a tee and wear it as my top.

All I did was tie a knot on the short edge of one end around my neck, then tuck it into my jeans and blouse out the scarf before I popped on my jacket which turned it into a cowl neck draped top.Wear a scarf as a top

Sure I can’t take my jacket off (but the weather wasn’t conducive to this anyway, so not a problem) without rearranging the scarf to wear as a scarf. 

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How to Style a Scarf as a Cowl Neck Top

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