How to Choose the Right Foundation Colour


The other day I received an email from a reader with the following question, asking about foundation colour…

Hi Imogen, I have been reading your article on skin’s undertones and overtones. I have skin exactly as you describe… cool undertone and yellow overtone. Do you have a technique for choosing liquid foundation that you could recommend? I need to try some but get so lost in the stores.

So I’ve made this short video to show how I choose foundation colours.

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  • Imogen, I can’t tell you how eye-opening your post was! I have cool ash brown hair, cool blue eyes, and you guessed it, cool toned skin. The problem is, every time I try to wear a cool toned foundation, I turn out looking like Miss Piggy! I had the “bazinga” moment when I read your post. I always thought I had yellow looking color in the top of my skin, so I was confused as to how cool blush, lipstick and eye shadow colors look so much more natural than warm did. I am cool skin toned with a warm overtone and I have to choose a yellow based foundation. This goes against my natural inclination, but I believe in your advice ,so I ran over to one of my good friends house right next door, face full of foundation stripes, and we confirmed that a warm toned yellow based foundation blended in better than the cool toned foundation. Perplexing, but your advice comes through once more. I’d love to put you in my back pocket and take you everywhere I go! Thank you and Happy New Year! 😀

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