Five Minute Fabulous Face -Makeup Demonstration


So, I’ve made another little video after Maria from Colour Me Happy had a request about how to choose foundation colours.

My tip is, as you will see is to try on every colour, don’t limit yourself to two or three colours.  Put them along your jawline, then look for the colour that disappears into your skin.  If your chest colour is darker than your face colour you will need to match your makeup to your chest, not face, if they are similar, use the jawline as a guide.

Ignore labels of warm and cool, I have a cool undertone (which we see as pinkish), but have a yellowish overtone, as foundation goes on the top of my skin, it needs to match with my overtone, not undertone, so has a slight yellowish hue.   I also have plenty of clients who have a warm undertone, but a pinkish overtone and suit a more pinking foundation colour.

Don’t attempt to change the colour of your skin with foundation, just use it to smooth out your skin and hide blemishes.

I’ve then included a section on my daily quick and easy makeup – it would normally take me less than 5 minutes, but because I’m talking you through the application it takes just under 10 on the video.

I hope it is helpful!  Enjoy!

You may also find this post useful on makeup application and this one on  Choosing a Concealer

And this is a great book recommendation more help and detailed information that really explains how you can apply makeup to suit any face shape and eye shape.


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  • It’s funny you have posted this because I was looking at my photos thinking I really need to get my make up sorted.
    As ever, many thanks.

  • I feel like I have gotten paler since November and my foundation is too dark. I HATE foundation shopping. But, this time I am going to test on myself and not let the sales associate decide for me.

  • Belette – make sure you go outside with a mirror and check the colours in natural daylight – store lighting will steer you wrong!

  • I find that you should not stick to just the $$ brands or the cheaper ones.
    You have to look at them all to find your colour. I have bought the expensive and the cheaper and I find for me – Regenerist by Max Factor has the right colour and its got great “slip” and so , goes on well. I learnt not to be a price snob! LOL

  • oh wow. Great mascara tips. I used to be able to put on makeup that efficiently and pretty much exactly in that way, but it all depends on slip for me. Am desperate for slip.I will definitely check out Lady Jicky’s Regenerist suggestion. I’ve never been happy with foundation – keep throwing them away – since Max Factor discontinued the one I used all my life. I remember applying it to see my physician when I was pregnant, to look less green. He complimented me on the “glow of pregnancy.” Thought to myself, You, too, Doc, can have the glow of pregnancy for seven bucks.

  • Lady Jicky – price is irrelevant – it’s about what works for you.

    Angela – thanks so much for your feedback.

    Vildy – have you tried a primer? They can help to provide great slip if you tend to dryness – I have a great one that I sell and can send you if you’re interested.

    Nice that your doctors was looking so closely!

  • Usually, I hate make-up and as I age, I realize that I actually need it if I want to look like I am alive. Thank you for this video– you make it look so easy. And perhaps, with some practice it will be. Now let’s see if I can drag my butt out to the shops for some make-up.

  • Don’t even know if you’re still taking comments on this post…First, I didn’t recognize you with dark hair…You were lovely to start with and your makeup enhanced your own natural beauty…Just what I’m looking for…Some nice tips here, namely foundation primer, which I haven’t used before, and the order of applying your eye shadow…Also liked the tip of holding your eyelid up…Good informative video…

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