How to Dress the Comfortable, Practical, Stylish Mum


Julianne from Potpourri Promenade has asked that I create a polyvore set for her.  She’s a Mum and needs a practical and stylish wardrobe.

I’ve created this set for her with her colouring in mind.

Julianne has soft warm colouring, so I’ve avoided black, and as she needs comfort and practicality, so I’ve shown a few shoe options.

Julianne describes her body shape as curvy, with a tendency to weight on her bottom and thighs, plus being busty, but with more narrow shoulders, so I’ve included larger scale necklaces to distract from her bust.  I’ve also avoided button up shirts as they’re very hard to fit on this body shape and gone for lower necklines to make the bust look smaller.

I’ve gone for skirts that will disguise Julianne’s curvy bottom and thighs.  She likes dresses, and as she’s only 5’5″ skirts and dresses will make her look taller as they disguise where the legs start.  The skirts are knee-length which is the ideal length for shorter legs.

Julianne also wears jeans lots, but instead of including jeans I’ve put some brown pinstripe trousers which will elongate her legs, they’re bootleg so they’ll balance her bottom.

Julianne – by imogenl on

Intelligent – Soft, non-garish colours make you look more sophisticated and intelligent.

Classy – Quality accessories will give you the classy edge.  Not showing too much cleavage and leg is also key.

Warm and welcoming (approachable) – colour makes you more approachable (black and very dark colours can be intimidating).  Soft fabrics also make you appear more friendly and warm.  Skirts and dresses are feminine and also create a more warm and welcoming appearance.

Put together – matching accessories to your oufits will make you look put together.

Neat and clean – staying away from frumpy clothes, keeping your clothes in good order, de-pilled and fitting well all work in your favour.

Comfortable – flat shoes and knit fabrics are comfortable and practical, easy to wash and wear for a busy mum.


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  • I love these! I would have never thought to mix these patterns, but it looks really stylish. I especially like the size of the jewelry you selected. The flats are so cute. I am still trying to get used to wearing flats!Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you! You are the best Imogen.

  • Jane – absolutely you could wear these!

    Julianne – I love big jewellery – so many are so scared of accessories, yet they can make such an impact! You don’t normally wear flats?

    Deja – thanks so much.

  • I have realized that because of my bust that I can’t wear delicate necklaces. I like flats, but I feel that they make me look dumpy. Because I have large upper thighs, with pants that are hemmed shorter for flats, I just feel that they highlight my big thighs. I think that flat slingbacks look better to elongate the leg line. But I would love to have a pair of red ballet style flats. Maybe you can tell me how to wear them better. Thanks again!

  • Julianne – you are right that heels will help disguise your thighs – but they’re not great to wear all day every day. A sling back helps, as does a pointy toe, which lengthens and slims the legs.

    Keep your trousers as long as possible, but just not dragging on the floor!

  • These combinations are great! From what I see of Julianne through her blog, these capture and express her personality, and it’s great that they can do that without compromising comfort and practicality. Some ideas here for me as well.

  • Thanks for posting this (and thanks to Julianne for requesting) and also for your recent posts on colouring etc.

    I’m a SAHM currently struggling to shake off my frumpiness and so all of this is very timely for me!

  • Fantastic set. I can see Julianne in everything you chose. You are so good at this. You know, you ought to do this for a living!;-)

  • Materfamilias – thanks for coming by and commenting. Thanks for the compliment!

    FrumpyGibbon – I hope you get some inspiration from my blog and it helps you defrumpify your style!

    La Belette – you know, I was considering doing something like this for a living – you really think it would work for me?

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