5 Outfit Ideas to Steal for the Stay at Home Mum

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5 outfit ideas for stay at home mum or casual lifestyle

After my post on a week of office-appropriate outfits, I was asked by a reader to create one for the stay at home mum, who needs comfortable and practical clothes to deal with kids, mess, cleaning and activities, but who also wants to look and feel stylish.

The looks I’ve created could be worn by anyone who has a casual lifestyle – they are not limited in any way to mother’s!

Of course, there are many different ages and stages with kids, and the newborn time has many different needs than the mother of a 3 or 5-year-old, let alone primary or high school kids.

Given that many women return to work after their kids are in school, I’ll be focussing in this post on the needs of the mother of the under 5-year-old. Feel free to adapt these ideas – many would also be applicable to anyone who lives a more casual lifestyle.

1. A Striped Tee and Denim

What to wear that is practical and stylish for the stay at home mum (or anyone with a more casual lifestyle like those who are retired)Jeans are an easy staple for many women and paired with a striped or Breton tee.  You may want to accessorize with a bracelet rather than necklace if your child is all ‘grabby hands’ as I used to call them!  Flat and comfortable shoes are a must if you’re pushing a pram or chasing your kids around the park.

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  • I’m a grandmother who found a lot of these items suitable for me too…I need clothes that will go anywhere from the office to the grocery, to running errands, or out to lunch with friends… Lots of nice “snappy casual” ideas here for me too…Thanks…

  • Loved those outfits, really really loved the way you use a column of color and work with color in general (accessories, prints etc). As somebody who has recently realised she is short-waisted and is rethinking her wardrobe I appreciate the examples where the column of color is created with top and bottom – dresses are easy, separates more challenging. All in all, a great article – a lot of ideas to steal, and educational to boot (as in seeing a lot of the principles I’ve read about but haven’t mastered yet put to use beautifully)! Many thanks!

  • As I’m short in height, without a defined middle, I wear ankle boots rather than knee high boots with jeans or jegging trousers. Should I leave knee high boots alone?( Worried they won’t elongate the look. )
    Also any suggestion for cardigan alternative if short I height- is it better to have shorter / scale ones or shrug styles? As I’m losing weight I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by too much material.
    Also will a plain top or another pattern work instead of a Breton style top ? Really like to have more casual examples and styles.

      • I should have mentioned that the ankle boots are worn under the trousers so not so shortening that way. I have been paying attention… 🙂

  • This is a great guide. I’m 5 wks postpartum with #2 and my style goal has always been to not look like the stereotypical mom.

    This is a challenge bc I am plus size. US 18 and I have very large breasts. I’m nursing and filling a 38N to the brim. ? (I actually discovered your blog via a link someone posted abt body shapes then stumbled across your breast reduction journey and have just been perusing ever since. Oh the joys of cluster feeding)

    Anywho, I purchased some jeggings on sale and to up my SAHM style I went for things I normally admire but don’t buy: black faux leather, slate wash (which now I realize according to your color analysis isn’t one of my best colors but I’ll make it work), dark denim with cool zipper details and a burgundy ponte pair.

    Now I’m working on styling these goodies. My lovely husband thinks everything is awesome bc he’s a butt and thighs kind of guy. Which is great bc I have them in abundance.

    I’m mourning the loss of my waist as a former X turned H and at 34 yrs old Im not sure if I’ll get that waist definition back so I’m trying to embrace my new shape and style it as cute as possible.

    I’ve got a plaid tunic and some chiffon blouses on the way that will hopefully work with breastfeeding.

    I’m rambling bc I havent talked to an adult today. ?Just wanted to share and let you know that this post is still helping people.

    • Hey Tasha – thanks for your comment! I remember being in the breastfeeding time and just how hard that is – mentally and physically. I’m glad you’ve found some of my information here useful or inspiring! You may find you get some of your waist back – it just may take years (I know friends of mine said they didn’t get their body back for around 5 years after they had their kids). But you can still rock clothes with an H body (or any body shape!). It’s just different from what you’re used to. THere’s lots to read here while you’re feeding -and I’ve got lots of posts on large bust (just type that into the search bar) too if you need them.

  • Thanks, Imogen. SAHM here and the youngest is turning 3. Realizing the need for an updated wardrobe and enjoying your tips a lot.

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