How to Look Taller – Sleeves


Push up your sleeves

The fastest, easiest way to make yourself look taller and legs longer is to push up your sleeves. Yes, it’s a very simple trick.

If you’re wearing a jacket and like to do this for more casual occasions, but find they keep sliding down, then pop a rubber band (not too tight) around the sleeve to hold it up. You can easily hide the band in the folds of fabric.


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  • I have always liked to scrunch my sleeves like this, but have never made the connection between pushed -up sleeves and looking taller/longer-legged. I do notice, though, that longer sleeves seem to elongate my midriff (I,m short-waisted) so this look is a bit of a compromise for me, but I,ll probably keep on scrunching anyway. I’ll definitely be using the rubber band tip, too.

  • There used to be these elastic, metallic cuffs designed to hold up men´s sleeves under jackets – my father (being a shortish kind of man) used to wear these when I was little. I sometimes see them at fleamarkets.

    I always fold my shirtsleeves (unless it´s really cold) to my elbows, but it´s because it´s practical and I suppose I like the way it makes me look competent and strong. I don´t mind if it makes me look taller as well!

    • No reason not to turn them up if it looks good! It balances out a shorter leg, and draws the attention to your upper body, where is where we look most of the time anyway!

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