How to Style a Waterfall Cardigan


how to style a waterfall cardigan

So you’ve got some waterfall cardigans and sure you can just put them on and wear them the regular way.  But have you ever thought about styling them differently?  Particularly if you’re petite then waterfall cardigans can have too much volume in them and they will swamp your frame.  Here in this short video I show you a new way of styling your waterfall cardigan.


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  • Great idea here! I never thought of belting it, but it looks amazing. I hope you will stop by this week and enter to win the $1000 gift card I am giving away to spend with Lafayette 148 New York…their Autumn collection is gorgeous.

    Thanks for this idea…i will try it!

  • One of your best tips ever, Imogene, simply brilliant. I have one identical to yours and was considering donating it because I am petite. As you said, it overwhelmed my frame. But now I can’t wait to try this outTwo questions for you: any tips on how to pull this off best at 5’3″ with a short torso and larger bust? And finally, does that me end really stay put tucked in on the shoulder?

    • I find with a longer one it does. With a couple of my shorter ones they slip out after a while but I just tuck them back up. You could use a brooch to fasten it on your shoulder too.

      • it works wonderful – I tried it with one of my cardigans – and now I can wear it again – Thanks. I’d be grateful if you could show from time to time
        ways to up style and revamp existing items in your wardrobe

        Thanks a lot


  • Great idea Imogen. i dont buy waterfall cardigans because of all the fabric that i feel drowns me and open cardigans anoy me, but I like this idea and will keep it in mind.

  • I like this idea. Clear press stud sewn carefully into the shoulder seam and discreetly on the end of the side you pull up would keep it fixed firmly, better for bending over shopping trolleys and pickup up kids etc., That’s what I am going to do. Thanks.

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