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Inside Out Style
292: Your colour questions answered about relaxed personality style, petite and choosing shoes.

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0.12 The relaxed personality style report you sent to me is 100% me but little of my wardrobe reflects that. I have recently retired at 66. I haven’t really transitioned into my style from work clothes, dead easy to buy, Reiss and Hobbs and silk blouses, these still fill my wardrobe yet are unworn. I’m slobbing around in shorts and tees hirts or black leggings. When I pluck up courage to go shopping I can’t decide what to buy, I dislike buying on line as depending on brand and cut I might be an 8 or a 10. Often I am overwhelmed by choice. So really where do I start?
4.48 My biggest problem is I am short (1m58), curvy (but not curvy enough to fit in plus-size models) and that’s sometimes hard to find. Help
7.09 Footwear issues: what to wear with each kind of outfit? I can’t wear heels because of a bad back and I never know what type of shoe to wear that is both stylish and season appropriate (warm in winter. etc) and what kind of leg covering goes with what: leggings and socks, just socks, foot leggings, what? The regular panty hose is not warm enough for the cold winters in my region.

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