Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
75: Colour and Style Q&A: How Do I Get the Right Value in Winter and Summer?, How Can I Wear My Black and Still Look Good?, What is the Best Length for My Tops and Jackets?

In this Episode

0.09 High value contrast, low colour contrast – how do I get the right value in winter and summer? Can I just add a necklace and earrings or do I need more?
6.19 With light colouring I should be wearing more overall light outfits – but I’m “blacksliding” into the dark colours, particularly in winter. How can I wear my black and still look good?
14.51 Please talk proportions – What is the best length for my tops and jackets – particularly with pants?

High Value Contrast Outfit Tips

Spring and Summer Looks for High Value Contrast

The Value of Value Contrast and Using it to Create Stunning Outfits

How to Wear Medium Value Colours When You are High Contrast


Blacksliding – Wearing Black with Light Colouring

How to Stop Buying and Wearing Black When It’s Not Flattering

Does it Really Matter What Colour You Wear Below the Waist?

3 Simple Steps for Wearing Black When You Have Light Colouring

How to wear black and white when your contrast is not high

Here is an example of how I wear a high contrast black and white shrug right next to my face and tone down the value contrast by adding a medium value colour (red top) in between.

How to Understand Value Contrast - the stairs concept - click here for more details


This Tool Will Make You an Expert in Finding the Value of a Colour

Proportions for Tops and Jackets

Proportions – the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Number

How to Use the Golden Mean Proportions When Dressing

Which are the Best Proportions to Flatter Your Proportions

Why Proportions Matter – Duchess Catherine Models

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