10 Compelling Reasons You Should Do a 100 Day Style Challenge


Have you heard of the 100 day outfit challenge?  It’s where you shop your wardrobe and for 100 days, you wear a different outfit each day from what you already own in your wardrobe.

You can wear the same garment twice, just not the same complete outfit twice. 

10 Reasons You Should Do a 100 Day Style Challenge
Wear more of your wardrobe!

It’s a challenge to shop your wardrobe and try and wear everything in your wardrobe, as often you wear the same things over and over, and other garments languish, unloved and unworn in the back of your closet.

A lot of people think about the new year as a good time to start such a challenge, so to give you some time to prepare, I thought I’d share some compelling reasons why doing a 100 day style challenge is beneficial.

The Benefits of a 100 Day Outfit Challenge

  1. You will wear more of your wardrobe and you may discover some new “go-to” outfits that you love and will wear again in the future
  2. You will become better at putting outfits together as you will have much more practise
  3. You will be more environmentally friendly as you are not shopping for anything new
  4. You will discover wardrobe gaps and when you do shop, you will know what you really need!
  5. You will save money (if you tend to shop frequently)
  6. You will discover more about what you do and don’t enjoy wearing.  Forcing yourself to wear more (or ideally all) of your wardrobe will educate you in what you do and don’t love, and what does and doesn’t work for you.
  7. You will rediscover clothes that you had forgotten about or overlooked
  8. You will get a better handle on your personal style.  You will quickly realise that some items in your wardrobe that you’ve been hanging onto are just not you, or don’t represent your style recipe and so you can let them go
  9. You will do some decluttering in the process as you discover the clothes that no longer fit, are out of fashion, or just are not you anymore and can be donated
  10. You will build some new neural pathways in your brain, as you get out of your style rut and try putting outfits together in new ways that you’d never thought of before!
10 Reasons You Should Do a 100 Day Style Challenge - same skirt in different outfits
Same skirt, but different outfits!

So you can see there are a great many benefits of doing this style challenge.  If you’re a little unsure where to start you could incorporate my Evolve Your Style challenge into this 100 days (even though it’s only a 31 day style challenge, there are actually 80 days of outfit ideas in the program) which gives you a little something to hang your hat on (so to speak) and to give you a focus for each day’s outfits.

You don’t need a massive wardrobe to create 100 different outfits – as you can wear the same garment in multiple different outfits during the 100 days!  So those trusty jeans can be worn with every single one of your tops if that’s what you want to do.

Think you haven’t got enough clothes?

  • If you have 10 bottoms and 10 tops – you can do this challenge!
  • If you have 6 bottoms and 17 tops – you can do this challenge!
  • If you have 5 bottoms and 10 tops and 5 outer layers/jackets/cardigans – you can do this challenge!
  • If you’ve got some different shoes and accessories to change each outfit up – you can do this challenge!

All without shopping for anything new!

Remember, this is not a capsule wardrobe challenge – you don’t need to limit yourself to just a few garments.  Instead it’s a wear everything you own challenge, and while you’re doing that, you can assess just how much you love it, how well it suits you, how well it fits, and if it deserves its place in your wardrobe.

You are welcome to share your outfit each day on my Inside Out Style Lounge (private Facebook group) to keep yourself accountable.   Taking outfit photos will help you assess the success of your outfit, plus provide documentary evidence of what you put together, so you can do it again if you love it!

Tips to Help You on Your 100 Day Style Challenge

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10 Reasons You Should Do a 100 Day Style Challenge

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  • Thank you for posting this. I am a Petite H and I am on Day 6. It is helping me see that I actually do have more options than I thought I did. Thanks for all you do!

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