Shop Your Wardrobe First


Why You Should shop your wardrobe first


One thing I’ve noticed when going through many wardrobes in my image consulting career is that so many of us forget what we own.

Frequently I discover items that the owner completely forgot they’d bought.  This is particularly common when there are multiple garments on hangers or great big drawers where clothes get lost under each other.

This is why I recommend you shopping your wardrobe before you hit the stores when  you think you have a need for something new.  Otherwise you could be spending money unnecessarily (and I’m sure you’re not keen on this as an idea).

Sure if you’ve shopped your wardrobe you will discover what you do need to buy, what your wardrobe holes are.  But before you dash to the shops, take a moment to discover the hidden gems in your closet.

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Get into your wardrobe and if you do have multiple garments on the one hanger, it’s time to give each its own hanger.  You may need to purchase some new hangers or maybe, just maybe there is some stuff in there you could let go of that will free up space in your wardrobe.

Go through your drawers and look at what you have there.  See if there isn’t a gem or two tucked underneath some old stuff you don’t wear any more (I’m speaking from experience here…. I know this is possible for many of you).  Here are 16 strategies for making things easier to find in your wardrobe.

Organise your wardrobe so you can really see what you have.  You may also want to start using a wardrobe app to help you remember what’s inside your wardrobe, get some tips on the different apps available here.

It’s time to play dress ups.  Why not spend some time trying on different garments and creating outfits around them.  I like to start with a hero piece – it could be a jacket or a patterned garment, then see just how many different ways I can style it with other existing pieces for different moods and occasions.

Here is a an example of one of my own mix and match sessions using a navy pinstripe blazer which is part of a suit, but can be worn both to the office and more casually as you can see here.

And here is another example of playing dress ups – this time I chose the ubiquitous white shirt as the basis of all my outfits.

Want to know more about how to shop your wardrobe?  Read this post for ideas.

Get some inspiration on how to play in your closet with the fabulous guest post from Lisa White.

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