Why You Won’t Become Stylish in a Week


Why You Won't Become Stylish in a Week - and how you can learn to become more stylish


Style is something that a lucky few are born with (or appear to be born with) but the rest of us have to learn.

Fortunately, you can become more stylish  … it’s just not going to happen in a week (or even two, but you can learn a lot in two weeks).

Like any skill, you learn, becoming stylish takes time and practise.

Many of us think that if we just know what our body shape is then we’ll suddenly become stylish. Sadly this is not true, in fact, personality is 10 times more important than body shape when choosing clothes (and I’ve written about what body shape does tell you about figure flattery here).

As I’ve discussed in my post on the Style Puzzle about all the different elements that go into creating your personal style, it’s more than body shape, more than colours, more than wearing the current fashion.

Becoming stylish, like any skill requires learning, learning about your body, your features, your colouring, your scale and how your personality influences your choices.  Then it takes practice putting the concepts of line, design, harmony, related shapes and lines, principles of volume, proportions, fabric choice and all the other bits and pieces into practice.

Most of us assume that because we’ve been getting ourselves dressed since we were 3 years old, that really, this is something that we should be able to do as grown-up adults, and it’s often not until nearing mid-life that many realise that they still haven’t quite got it, it’s a hit and miss affair.

I often get complimented these days on my style.  It wasn’t always so (I can assure you I was very averagely dressed before I learned what I have learned).

How to develop your style muscle to become more stylish and why it won't happen in a week

Think of becoming stylish as like becoming an opera singer.

Now we can all belt out a tune in the car when nobody is listening, and sometimes we might think we sound OK. But could you sing a song on a stage with an opera company and sound fabulous? If you’ve spent years taking lessons, practising daily and honing this craft, absolutely. For the rest of us, the answer is probably not.  We know we haven’t had the training, learned the skills and done the practice that would allow us to do this skill really well.

You didn’t learn to walk in a day or a week, this took months of learning to crawl before you could walk.  It took getting up again every time you fell down, rather than being defeated and deciding that “this walking thing is just not for me”.

Approach becoming stylish in the same way.  As a learning process.  Baby step after baby step.  And then, putting into practice what you have learned, again and again.

Just like an opera singer practises their songs.  Just like a gymnast practises their routines.  Just like a dancer practises their moves.

You develop your style muscle over time.

What I see amongst my 7 Step to Style program members is just how with a little time and self-reflection, that you can become stylish, that you can learn the complex concepts of contrast and proportion, which is just a small part of what I teach in the 7 Steps program.  You can learn to put together fabulous outfits for yourself and create your own unique style that makes you feel confident and the best version of you.  I often see them say “I don’t think I’ve come far” yet when they post in our private Facebook group a First Day and a Now photo comparison they and I, can see just how far they have come along their journey to style, and it’s obvious!

It just didn’t happen in a week.

But it will happen…

Isn’t it lucky that you have to get dressed every day?  As this way, you can put into practice each day a little about what you’ve learned here.

The best wardrobes are built over time, not in one shopping season too.

If you’re interested in learning all about your style, then 7 Steps to Style will give you the tools to become more stylish.  It’s the in-depth training course that will give you the information you need.  Combine it with doing the Evolve Your Style challenge (which comes free with 7 Steps) and it will give you an added boost to finding and developing your style in only 31 days.

We all learn and grow over our lifetime and your style muscle will continue to develop and strengthen if you just take a little time out each day to work on it.


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