Principles of Co-ordination – Related Line


In this short video about one of the Principles of Coordination – Related line – I will explain how to put your outfits together so they are harmonious and pleasing.

Here is an example

related lines



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  • I am perplexed by this principle even though it helped me out just today! I was trying to find a sweater to wear with a sarong-style skirt with a curved hem, and nothing worked until I tied one at the waist to a create similar curved line. (Also wore shoes that matched my hair and it was so much better than shoes to match the outfit.)

    So I partly get it, but it seems hard to square with other principles like balancing volume and having a hero. Both outfits above are attractive, but the one with zippers seems to have two heroes and the other seems to have none and is a little dull. Then there are clothes that seem to violate the principle, like Audrey Hepburnish dresses that have a fitted boatneck top (straight line) and full skirt (curved line).

    So am wondering if the idea is that sometimes you want to look coordinated and sometimes more dramatic or informal, and you’d only follow this rule in the first case? Or am I just not getting the principle at all?

  • Hello Imogen!

    I have a problem with co-ordinating illusion dress – the one with darker side panels (like Kate Winslett one). The dress is short-sleeved, and I would love to have a possibility to wear it in winter with something over it with longer sleeves. But I have no idea what kind of jacket will not cut me into pieces.

    The dress is knee-length, and I am 5 feet 2 inches.

  • I love this post, I can see clearly in the 2 examples the lines of the outfit. It makes perfect sense to me, this may be why sometimes I cant pin point why an outfit is not quiet right.

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