Why Your Words Matter to Your Style and Self-Esteem


Why you should be careful about your self-talk and how they influence your style and self-esteem


In this video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe we discuss the importance of words, self-care and self-esteem.

I’ve mentioned this topic of self-talk before here, as I really think it’s a super important one.

Tell us your strategy for stopping your negative self-talk? We’d love to know how you manage to keep those gremlins out of your head, because your language impacts profoundly on your style.

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  • Dear Imogen & Jill, you ladies are awesome! Very good video – thank you!
    Some 30 years ago I stopped being a compulsive nailbiter with a similar technique that you mentioned Imogen – my boyfriend at the time would give me a real hard slap on the hand that went into my mouth – and I’ve been cured within 7 days and have never been nailbiting again.
    I love your rubberband idea Imogen – and since I think my inner talk was allowed to run a bit wild and got a bit unruly, it definitely is time to spruce it up and to remember to be kinder to myself – I’ll implement your rubberband idea! Thanks for that! 😉

  • I enjoyed your video. Internal negative talk of self judgment or self criticism is simultaneously a sign of low self esteem and a perpetuator of low self esteem . I used to be very self critical and would get into the self beat up mode. In addition to do some deeper work of clearing negative emotions, I became very aware of my internal self talk, I would question it and I would replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Nowadays is rare for me to get into negative self talk.

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