There is No Age Limit to Style




Why Should There be an Age Limit to Style?

I can’t tell you how many women (as they say, if I had $1 for every time someone said to me I’m too old to be stylish, well I’d have  quite a few more dollars!) think they are too old to either care about style, image and their clothing and accessories choices.    This I find a very sad state of affairs as I know from experience myself, but also the experiences of my Evolvers (Evolve Your Style members) and 7 Steppers (7 Steps to Style members) just how much finding your style and expressing your style through your clothes and image can make you feel:

  • More confident
  • More attractive
  • More capable

and it raises your self-esteem and I’ve even had clients tell me that they think it has also improved their health and helped them lose weight, as well as opening up doors to fabulous new opportunities.

Style is way more than skin deep.   It cuts to our core as a human.

Every culture has developed ways of adorning themselves and this is always an important part of their culture.  Why should you be any different?  Why should it suddenly end at a certain age?

Watch This

and then this

Take Action

Take notice of how  you talk about your style and image.  How often you justify poor dressing choices with any sentence that starts with “I’m just ….” or “I’m only ….” or “I’m too tired/sick/insert excuse here”,  “I can’t be bothered”, “It doesn’t matter ….” or “Nobody notices….” or any other excuse you tell yourself.  Try and stop yourself in your tracks and see what self-talk you are having and then ask yourself if that excuse is a good excuse … and really should you be excusing yourself?  Would you excuse others in the same way?

Feel that you just don’t know how to dress your changing body?  Then why not get one of my free Body Shape Bibles after you do my body shape calculator quiz.  If you want my professional opinion and lots of information about how to decide on your style and what really suits you, that’s what my 7 Steps to Style program is all about.

Why not challenge yourself to dress with care every day for a month?  Do it with a great bunch of women who are also wanting to improve their styles through Evolve Your Style.  Just by taking a few extra moments each day (and it’s not a lot) you will discover very quickly so much more about what you do and don’t love wearing, get some great tips and what’s working and try something new which will change the way you think about your style.

Discover 11 ways you can up your style quotient.

And then look for some great inspiration for women who are stylish by reading up on the blogs listed below.  And please, if you know of any great (and I know there are many out there) blogs by stylish women over 50, then please do leave a link here in the comments.

Imogen Lamport 40 plus style blogger

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I’m really excited to introduce you to the brand new blog of Lisa White who has shared a few blog posts here (Stylish Thoughts and thoughts on what dates and what becomes timeless as well as different processes for creating outfits – all worth a read.

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