Why The Number on the Label May Be Lying to You




Why should you care about the size of your clothes?  Yet I see again and again women judge themselves, their value, their worth on the number that sits on a label inside their clothes.

That’s it, it’s just a number.

A number that has no value.

You are worth so much more than any number printed on your clothing.

Particularly when that number is arbitrary.  We all have a range of clothes in our wardrobe in different sizes (well I sure do).  I have a range of about 5 sizes in my wardrobe.  And that’s because different manufacturers make very different sizes.  Each country has its own sizing system.  An Australian 10 is a United States 6-8 (depending on the brand) and a UK 12.  So am I worth more when I visit the USA as the sizes are smaller or less when I go to the UK as I have to purchase a larger size?  I think not.

The number on a clothing label may be a lie in itself.  There are no standards that regulate exactly what a size 10 waist is or a size 6 bust or a size 20 bottom.  It’s all a lie. You have been conned into thinking there is some truth or relevance in it.

The size of your clothes is not an indicator of style

Here is a pic taken a week before my breast reduction surgery – wearing a size 14 dress.  Then another taken more recently.  The only thing that changed was the size of my breasts, but it took off 2 dress sizes.  It didn’t change my value or even my ability to put together an outfit.  You may prefer one dress over the other, but that’s about personal preferences.

Watch This

Take Action

If you don’t like the number on the label, cut the label out.  Then there is never a number there to mess with your mind.

Take a few sizes into the change room when purchasing clothes – try them on.  Choose the one that fits best without being concerned about its size.

Fit your widest part first, then have other parts of the garment tailored to fit your unique figure.

Don’t keep a garment because of the number on it if it doesn’t flatter you.

Having trouble with your body image relating to size?  Well why not write a letter to your body and reframe how you think about the vessel that transports you around each day.

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