Improving Your Body Image and Self Esteem Plus Other Weekend Reading


Improve your body image and embrace your style

Loved this post from Vintage Current about how a cat call made Candice’s day and helped her think more positively about body image

This post from Sal about seeing her body through the lens of style is a great read.

Carly shares how embracing a label has been powerful for her.

Grown up dressing and a style evolution are the topic that Deja Pseu investigates in this post.

Amy from shares how learning to say “no” can really help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed in this two part post.

Amber declares her feelings that women over 30 should not start dressing invisibly – which I totally agree with.

One week today I fly out of Melbourne (winter, cold) to New York (summer, hot) and then Washington DC (summer, hot) for the AICI Conference (there is still time to register) so I am reminded that maybe I should bring a hat to keep me from getting burnt.  I keep hearing how hot it is over there, and given that I’ve just suffered through two weeks of no heating in my office (thankfully finally fixed last night) and having to dress like an Antarctic explorer (wearing my overcoat inside plus a down filled jacket, whilst wrapped in blanket and Ugg boots on my feet) I’m looking forward to a burst of summertime.  So if you’re in the summer sun right now, be inspired to wear a straw hat.

There is talk everywhere on the internet about the Kon Marie method of decluttering your house and life to find the joy.  Here is a parody version to bring some humour back into the equation.

But if you do want to become more productive, consider how 10 minutes can change your productivity and life.

Bloggerati Introduction

So I’m going to be sharing each week some amazing blogs from the Nuffnang Bloggerati who all write on all topics from food to kids, fashion to fitness.  This week It’s Food Porn by Khalil Khouri – he shares great food and places to eat, food facts as well as amazing recipes.

Here is a great sample of what you can find on the Food Porn blog.

Raspberry Semifreddo

I love raspberries.  My grandmother grew them on her farm when I was growing up and I would have to go and pick them every day and it was always one for the bucket, 6 for me, so this recipe is right up my gustatorial alley! Raspberry Semifreddo – get the recipe and make it today!  Yum!

Common food mispronunciations

Plus great places to eat and stay in my home town Melbourne and you can also check out all the other cities that Khalil has been to, from Beirut to London, Prague to Las Vegas!

And don’t forget to sign up for the Food Porn newsletter while you’re there if you love food.



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