What to Wear to a BBQ on Australia Day plus my favourite lamb chop recipe


Happy Australia Day! It’s a national holiday here today and it’s traditional on this day to have a barbeque. It’s always a casual affair, nothing fancy, nor shmancy.  Should  you be invited to an Australian’s national day bbq celebration here is an idea of what is appropriate to wear!

What to Wear to a BBQ on Australia Day

I thought I’d share not only my outfit today, which of course is a pair of shorts and thongs (that’s Australian for flip-flops, nothing to do with my underwear) and of course some sunglasses (cos it’s sunny and lovely today) plus you may want to add a hat if you’re going to be sitting outside, but also a favourite recipe that’s totally Australia Day appropriate.


Lamb is the traditional dish to eat on Australia Day and  I’ve been making this lamb chop recipe for years and I don’t make it in any sort of scientific way, just a bit of this and that way, but it always works out well (plus my fussy daughter will actually eat it).

uper Easy Balsamic BBQ lamb chops

Super Easy Balsamic BBQ’d Lamb Chops Recipe


Lamb forequarter chops (though you can use any sort of lamb chop or cutlet of your preference) 6-8 chops (or of course you can do as many or few as you like!)

Fresh rosemary – couple of springs cut up

Grainy mustard – around 2-4 desert spoons, depending on how many chops you are marinating.

Balsamic vinegar – 1/2 cup (or whatever suits to cover your chops)


Well, I just chuck the chops in a plastic bag and pour in the balsamic vinegar, spoon in the grainy mustard and throw in the rosemary. Make sure there is plenty to coat all your chops and then I leave them to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours, turn the bag over every hour to make sure all the chops are equally marinated (this will tenderise the meat so it melts in your mouth).

Cook on the bbq or a grill plate and serve with salad.


what to wear to an Aussie bbq

I’d call this Relaxed Feminine style – The shorts are relaxed in fabric and style but are white so this makes them a feminine version.  The top is relaxed (comfy knit) but the pattern is butterflies (feminine) and it has a couple of pleats up near the neckline which makes it a little more interesting and feminine (takes it way from being too relaxed and plain).  The necklace (a Christmas gift from my lovely son) is detailed and delicate which is feminine, the bracelets are sparkly and feminine and the watch is a bracelet wrap style which makes it more feminine.  The earrings are small double hoops which would probably be more on the classic/relaxed style.



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