What are the Principles of Coordination – Levels of Refinement


In one of your last videos, you talked about principles of coordination – can you go in more detail on this, please?

There are 4 main principles of co-ordination – these are:

  1. Levels of Refinement
  2. Principle of Volume
  3. Related Shapes
  4. Related Lines

Each of these influences how we put outfits together, from accessories to garments, and how to choose garments that are designed in an attractive fashion too!

I have made a series of videos that I will share here to tell you more about each of these, the first of these I’m sharing here – Levels of Refinement – which I have also written about here. Plus about the how formal is that fabric which touches on this topic too.

This concept can also be applied to work dress codes.


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  • Imogen,
    I’ve learned so much from you & there are so many times I’ve thought, “Oh, so that’s why I like that,” or “Oh, that’s why that works/doesn’t work for me” when reading one of your posts or viewing one of your videos. These levels of refinement are something I think I’ve always had an innate sense of & it’s nice to put it into words. With your help I’ve also figured out why I’ve always been drawn to the styles in the maternity department! I’m slim & small busted with a short torso & little waist definition – thanks to you I’ve figured out it’s the empire waist styles that work for my body (not some deep seated desire for another baby)! (Don’t worry, I don’t shop in the maternity dept.)!
    I also wanted to tell you I love the soft colors you’re wearing in the video – nice complement to your new coloring!

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