How to Flatter a Softer Chin


The chin is important in choosing flattering necklines, the shape of the chin is best supported by a neckline that relates and harmonises with it.  So when looking for a flattering necklines make sure you’re a replicating the shape of the chin and jaw.  This creates beautiful harmony (aka reminiscence which is a useful tip when choosing necklaces and other jewellery too!)
Necklines to flatter a softer chin and jawIf you have a softer chin, or a less defined chin the necklines that will work best on you include:
  • Cowl necklines – which are soft.
  • Scoop necklines  – which have a curve.
  • Very soft Vs
  • Collared necklines that are not too high.
The necklines that are least flattering are
  • Sharp V – necklines
  • Square
  • Angular necklines
  • high turtle necklines

Also avoid choker style necklaces, longer necklaces are more flattering.

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  • Yesterday I was to a meeting, where I saw an older lady wearing a turtleneck sweater. She had practically no chin at all, only lots of loose skin around her throat ( I´m picky, I know ). I wanted so much to pull the turtleneck higher up and hide all that extra skin. True, if she had worn a sweater more generous on the neckline, I would not have paid much attention on her. I myself too, find turtlenecks and polos choking. They kind of like offer your face on a plate for inspection, at least IMO. Maybe a polo of a lighter color could work, accessorized with something like beads..

  • This is a great post. I have that "problem" and always have, even when I was a skinny little kid. I love the cowl dress. Must find it! You're blog is the best!

  • metscan: Turtlenecks are like tight jeans: they accentuate what is there, and if there's anything extra, highlight it 🙂

    As I age, I avoid polo necks- too masculine. A 'flat neckline" (as opposed to draped) accomodates my necklaces better than a cowl but cowls do show off earrings well.

  • Very informative! I have a rounded face with a softer chin. (and a shorter neck) I have always shied away from most shirts with collars…Polos look the absolute worst!! I have always loved cowl necks, deep scoops, and v-necks. I usually like a little embellishment or ruffle on the collar.

  • I would love to hear about my face shape – an oblong rectangle with tallish chin. Long hair hiding my ears is disasterous as you can imagine. Turtle necks accentuate the corners of the bottom of the rectangle. I feel best with big necklines to get the attention off those squarish angles. Ugh.

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