Y is for You


your style manifesto

You are beautiful and unique.

Your body architecture is yours alone.  You are not one of 5 or even 10 body shapes and that is all you need to know.  You are much more than that.

Your body architecture is a combination of silhouette, proportions, scale, texture, sheen, somatype, colouring, defining features and most importantly, your personality.

Your clothes should flatter your personal architecture, not what current fashion may dictate.  

Fashion is a tool in your style toolbox, nothing more.

Only buy the fashions that work with your personal architecture and your personality, the pieces that you truly love.

Your uniqueness is what makes you memorable and recognizable, enjoy your differences.

You can choose how you’re perceived by what you wear.  You have control over your choices.

Your lifestyle will dictate what you need in your wardrobe, not an arbitrary list compiled by a magazine or tv show.

Your personality has the biggest influence over what you love and why you love it.  Work with who you are and your body to showcase it in the most authentic way.

Your style is unique to you.  You will not find it by copying others.  You may find inspiration from others, but your style is your own.  It should make you feel like the most confident version of you.

You are perfect, just as you are.  Let everyone else enjoy your beauty by enhancing it with your style that embraces your body and flatters both it and who you are.


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