How to Wear Ankle Boots When You’re Short


I’m hoping you can help me…
How do I wear nude ankle boots in a casual situation when I’m short? Suggestions would be welcomed!
Warm regards

how to wear ankle boots when you're petite

Ankle boots are ideally for full length pants. Particularly if you’re sort, they cut you off at the ankle and stumpify your legs further. That being said, if you want to wear them other ways here are some options:

  • With a skirt or pair of shorts, with leggings and blend the boot, legging and short/skirt colour together for your column of colour to elongate the area, so we don’t notice the items as they blend into each other.
  • With a mid-thigh length skirt or dress, show as much of your legs as possible when wearing a skirt or dress, the high vamp of the ankle boot makes you loose lots of leg, so you need to hitch up your hems.
  • Look for a heel that has a little height with your ankle boots to give you a little back of what you missed out on.


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  • I’ve just recently found your blog, and must say Thank you for the many & various informational posts on dressing/wardrobe ( I have already read extensively throughout your archives & all very worthwhile and personally applicable info). You really know your stuff! Color, silhouette, proportion.. Kudos to you.

    I’m not petite but love this post anyway. Here in the U.S. see many wearing these 🙂

  • This is great advice but my biggest problem is matching the tights to the boots, where do I get the brown that it out this year? There is also no way I can match it to my brown skirts, there are so many colours of brown.

  • I am short (and curvy) with large calves. I can say that knee length boots go way beyond my knees. Ankle boots are the ONLY boots that really physically work for me. So this winter I aim to buy a nice simple pair of boots that are not too high. I learnt a long time ago that if you are short then you are short. No amount of heel is going to make you tall. Be comfortable in yourself and your shoes or boots. Your feet will thank you.

    • I have just bought those ankle boots just as I said I would. Simple style with a small Cuban heel. The last time I had dressy boots was thirty years ago when I had a lovely medium grey pair. They were so cute. (I have had plenty of flat heeled lace-up boots) Thanks for the article Imogen.

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