How Your Clothes “Fit” Your Lifestyle and Personality


There are many elements of fit to consider. Not only the physical fit of clothing, but also the psychological and lifestyle elements of fit.

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I have discussed the physical elements of fit here.

In this video we discuss some of the broader elements of fit such as lifestyle and how you like clothes to fit regarding your personality.

Lifestyle Fit

When considering your lifestyle, it’s good to ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What do you do?
  • What kinds of clothes do you need for your lifestyle?
  • What are the practical considerations of fit that you need to consider?
  • Do I want to hide or be seen?
  • What kind of clothes fit into the location you’re in?
  • Does it fit the occasion?
  • Is it appropriate?
  • You may find this post useful in thinking further about this element of fit.
How Your Clothes "Fit" Your Lifestyle and Personality
I like clothes that are comfortable, and as I work from home I don’t need particularly formal clothes, so knits feature prominently in my wardrobe.

Personality Fit

Moving onto your personality and what feels psychologically comfortable for you. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • What do I want to express through my clothes?
  • How do I want my clothes to fit me?
  • Do I want to be showing off or hiding my body?
  • What will make me feel psychologically comfortable in each situation?

We discussed the main personality dressing styles which also influence how you may like to dress:

Classic Personality Style – fitted and structured but not tight or revealing, but also not loose or sloppy

Relaxed Personality Style – looser fit, comfort is a driver in choice

Dramatic Personality Style – more fitted and tighter in a structured way

Creative Personality Style – can be a rule breaker regarding fit

Rebellious Personality Style – tight and form-fitting (for those who are alluring), showing skin,

Feminine Personality Style – feminine fit to show off the female form, not necessarily tight fitting

Elegant Chic Personality Style – fitted in a softly structured way

What are the important elements of fit for you?

Are they the psychological or physical aspects of fit?

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  • This is such an important conversation. I remember spending lots of money on what I thought was an “appropriate job interview suit”. I never wore it again because it was so soft in color (light pink & grey) and extremely classic in style that it never felt right on me. After my 7 steps program, I have embraced my Elegant color palette and my need for bolder more edgy elegant clothing. Love these videos!

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