Colour Block – FABruary Style Challenge


Colour fun

Playing with colour is so much fun. Today I’ve mixed together a combination I’ve never tried before. I had planned to put on a different outfit, either a jacket or coloured jeans, but it’s just too hot here for a longer sleeved layer so I had to layer a cami under my t-shirt instead.

There are so many ways you can mix colours but when colour blocking, it’s good to think about using uneven proportions.

  • Dominant colour
  • Secondary colour
  • Tertiary colour (optional)
  • Neutral colour (optional)

Today I’ve gone the whole hog and chosen 3 colours – purple, red and turquoise and teamed them back with beige. Yes it feels bright to wear, but it also feels fun and invigorating and I’m sure when I leave the house others will enjoy my riot of colour.

The tricks to choosing colours that work together:

  • Warm with Warm
  • Cool with Cool
  • Bright with Bright
  • Light with Light
  • Muted with Muted

If you try and mix a warm muted colour with a bright cool colour, it just won’t go.  When we mix like colours together, it’s just so easy to make gorgeous combinations.

Also, use the colour wheel as your guide – try triadic or complementary combinations for a dramatic look, or analogous combinations for a more subduded appearance.

Colour Block


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  • I’ve chosen red and green, which may be a bit too bold?

    Regardless of today’s theme, please let me ask whether you think that
    1. my necklace and earrings being red (like the blazer) means there’s too much red in the outfit and I should have had different coloured earrings and/or necklace?
    2. the necklace and earrings did not come as a set, but they are v similar, do you think they are overtly mitchy-matchy?
    3. dominant colour, secondary colour and an optional tertiary and/or neutral colour as you wrote above- does that apply to dressing in general? do you think it’s best to have two or even three colours in one outfit as opposed to only one?
    (or perhaps there’s no general rule and it comes down to individual choice and the value contrast of an individual?) (in which case I with green-ish eyes and darker hair should have at least two colours?)

  • I think the peach, pink, yellow and green combo is my absolute favorite. Those Alexander Lewis Ochre Linen Wide Leg Trousers are going on my “love” list.

  • I love your outfit today – especially the necklace and shoes! There again, turquoise is one of my favourite colours. I decided upon bright green and bright pink for my colours today. When I had to wear a jacket though I played it safe and wore my Mango tweedy-looking jacket. Can you give me a couple of ideas for colours to go with my top and trousers?

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