How Hats and Headwear Communicate and the Personality of Different Styles


Hats come in all different shapes and sizes.  They were very common back in the 1950s when it was polite and the right thing to do, to wear a hat when outside of the house.  Here is the photo I mention in the video that my father took in 1958 at the corner of Russell and Collins Streets in Melbourne (Australia) one lunchtime.

Hats and headwear - how they communicate and which personality styles wear which type

Hats went out of everyday fashion, but are coming back in, little by little.  Not only the sun hat, that protects us from our harsh sun in summer, and the baseball cap that has long been a staple of the sportsperson.  But now the fedora, the beret (that’s coming back in a big way and I’ve been wearing them this winter too after I learned to crochet) as well as beanies, boho hats and fascinators.

In this video with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe, we discuss hat and headwear options as well as hair accessories and how they communicate, the different dressing personality styles that different styles may appeal to.

How does your Hat communicate?

Which Dressing Styles are Most Attracted to Hat Wearing?

How hats and headwear communicate and the personality styles of different types

In my opinion, there are different hat styles that appeal to different personalities:

  • Creative – berets
  • Relaxed – baseball cap or beanie
  • Dramatic – fedora
  • Feminine – floppy boho straw hat
  • Dramatic – fur hat

Hats can make a statement and many of us, unused to wearing something on our heads, can feel conspicuous wearing them.  But finding a hat that reflects your personal style will make a hat feel more “me” and therefore more mentally comfortable.

How hats and headwear communicate and the personality styles of different types

Head Pieces and Hair Accessories

  • Alice Bands – are associated with children, so can make us look younger
  • Decorated clips and bands are more feminine
  • Low Ponytail – More sophisticated
  • High Ponytail – More sporty, relaxed and fun
  • Feathers and fascinators are more feminine and fun

Up-Dos Personality Style

  • French Roll – Elegant
  • Messy bun – Relaxed feminine
  • Tidy bun – Classic

How to Choose a Hat to Flatter

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Tips for Finding a Flattering Sun Hat

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How Hats and Headwear Communicate and the Personality of Different Styles


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  • There is also a trend to cover the hair that has been a tradition not only in the Jewish Community, but has grown to include Christian women, Pagan women. This is not to forget the covering for women who have lost hair due to chemo/radiation or alopecia.

  • A few years ago I began covering my head on account of scripture in 1 Cor. 11. I have experimented with different styles of head covering with tichels/ scarves, wrapped up turban like or bandana style and also regular hats. In summer I favor wider brimmed semi floppy hats and for fall a newsboy style. Since I started head covering I also started wearing long skirts. I used to wear jeans almost exclusively, so it has taken me sometime to rethink my outfits incorporating two new to me everyday elements. I never thought I would be a hat (or skirt) person, but I have found them to be really fun! It would be great to see more posts on incorporating head scarves and hats into your wardrobe. Great article, Imogene, I love your blog:)

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