5 Style Tips You Need to Know on What to Wear at the Spring Racing Carnival


This next couple of weeks in Melbourne is the height of the Spring Racing Carnival, and if you’re still not sure what to wear I thought I’d share some tips to help you find an outfit.

1. Is it Racewear?

Find out if what you’re planning to wear is race appropriate with this fun flowchart and guidelines to make sure you’re not making any fashion faux pas!

Is it Racewear? What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival

2. What are the Racewear Rules

What’s expected if you attend the Melbourne Cup in any of the Member’s Areas – what are the racewear rules?

Spring Racing Carnival and Melbourne Cup – Racewear Rules

3. How to Create a Spring Racing Carnival Outfit on a Budget

Not wanting to spend up big (or at all) how to think about shopping your wardrobe and putting together an appropriate Spring Racing outfit.

What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

Want to wear the same dress and get the most bang for your buck?  Here’s my guide on styling your outfit differently for each of the race days

One Dress, Four Ways at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival

4. What You Need to Know about Hats and Headwear

Do you know which side you should part your hair when wearing a hat or fascinator?  Find out more with my headwear tips.  How to choose a hat to flatter?  What shape and style is right for you?

How to Choose a Hat to Flatter

Spring Racing Carnival Headwear Tips

5. What to wear to the Melbourne Cup or a Melbourne Cup party

What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup

5 Style Tips You Need to Know on What to Wear at the Spring Racing Carnival


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