Learning to Crochet with Crochet Coach


Learning to crochet with crochet coach


I’ve always enjoyed creating things and was taught to knit at the age of 6, sew soon after (with my 10th birthday present a second hand sewing machine), but crochet is something I’d never learned.

How I Learned to Crochet

That was, until now. I like knitting in winter while watching TV in the evening with my husband, but decided that I wanted to make myself a beret, and crochet was the way to go so I signed up for Crochet Coach to teach me the basics of crochet and a place I would ask some questions and get answers to my crochet questions on the private Facebook group, so handy when you find learning to read the patterns can be tricky!

With some great basic instructional videos for complete beginners like me, I have learned the basic stitches and then have started putting this new knowledge into practise.

The first item I made is this pattern by Carly who is the brains behind Crochet Coach, which she calls the Origami Shoulder Cosy.

Layering with a poncho

Then I decided to make a poncho, basically using the same pattern and making two pieces  (it’s a simple US Double Crochet, UK Triple Crochet) instead of making it all in once piece, so that I’d have a pointed front and back as I like to keep my kidneys covered in winter.


I discovered that I’d bought two different shades of white wool (couldn’t distinguish them under artificial lighting which was what was in store and also in my lounge in the evening, and didn’t notice til I’d finished and took it into daylight after sewing it together that there was a brighter white and creamier white.  So what to do?  Make decorations in both colours to make it look like that was “on purpose”.

Learning to crochet with crochet coach

I then went online and found some instructions to make basic crochet flowers which also add some interest and detail as well as helping to tie the two colours together.



Lesson learned, check the colour number on wool before you buy!


Learning to crochet with crochet coach

I’d found this pattern to make a crochet beret and have managed to master the “magic circle” with Carly’s instructions to start the beret off.  Creating something round also made me learn how to increase and decrease.  I decided that the colour for my hat should be in an eye enhancer, hence the teal blue (plus it goes with lots of my clothes, so easy decision).

My next crochet project?  I think it’s going to be a crochet basket or bag.

If you’re thinking about learning to crochet, you can join Crochet Coach free for a week to see if it’s right for you.

Do you crochet?  What do you love to make?

I’d love to see your crochet garments – come and share them on Inside Out Style Lounge on Facebook.


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    • Pleasure – and I think I’m picking it up OK – still haven’t managed a granny square, but I figure it’s not my style so do I really really have to? For me it’s all about clothes and bags and stuff I can wear.

  • All those items are just lovely Imogen! I’ve seen the blue + white Origami Shoulder Cosy in one of your photos and thought it was beautiful and that you looked great in that photo, but didn’t know that you have crocheted it yourself – WOW! – that makes it even more special! And you look beautiful with the beret as well – what a stunning women you are! 🙂

      • Yes, I agree, crocheting is so much fun Imogen! I’ve learned when I was 3 years old and I still enjoy it! I couldn’t help but laugh when I read your comment about the granny squares – to be honest, I seriously dislike them too and for no particular reason except that it is just not my style either. I love the satisfaction of starting with a piece of yarn and creating my own item – it is even different to sewing (which I also love by the way), since with crocheting I create my own fabric, so to speak. I had a sewing pattern for a waistcoat, but wanted to make it in a lace fabric and couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to crochet it (using a combination of trebles and chain stitches and a few increases and decreases), while measuring it on the sewing pattern (thus creating my own fabric) and it came out fairly well. We are looking forward to seeing more of what you create! 🙂

  • Beautiful and clever, Imogen! There is no end to your creativity, talent and knowledge…what a girl!
    We love it when you share your inspirations with us.
    Your faithful fan,

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