Tips for Finding a Flattering Sun Hat


How to choose a flattering sunhat

In Melbourne right now, we’re being burnt to a crisp with weather in the 40sC this week (that’s over  100F) so a sunhat is imperative in this weather.

If you’re heading into summer or warmer weather, it’s good to wear a hat outside so you don’t get burnt (melanoma is not something you want!).

Here are some tips on how to choose a sun hat so you don’t get burnt!

How to Choose a Sun hat
  • Choose a wide brim to give you the best protection
  • Make sure your hat covers not must your face but also the back of your neck
  • A flatter crown is good if you have a long face, but can also make you look shorter.
  • A high crown is good for a shorter face (like a round or square face) and also to look taller.
  • If you are petite, a really large hat will swamp you, but I personally think it’s better to go for a bigger brim and get more shade, than worry too much about that!
  • Choose a colour that will go with many items – a natural straw is a great option as it goes with everything.

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  • Oh it is rather cold here in Europe! But I would have a question about sunhats, I’m sure your advice will keep till June.. I have a very pretty wide brimmed white sunhat but it’s made of polyester and doesn’t exactly let your ‘head’ breathe. Makes me sweat even more! Would you suggest straw as the material to go for that will keep you cool? I was thinking linen, but not sure if they make many pretty hats out of linen!

  • I used to have a wonderful fine straw hat by Helen Kaminski, that could be squashed and would spring back and still look great. Plus it fit my head, which is large AND has lots of hair. Alas, my very first wolfhound fell upon it when in the teething stages…. and I’ve searched for the perfect replacement for decades. I was going to write years, but decades is more impressive and thinking on it, it took me about twenty four years to find a replacement that I like

    • What I love about this hat is it covers my shoulders. But if I was going to spend any time in the hot Australian sun I wouldn’t be wearing a sleeveless dress!

  • I agree with Carol about covering your shoulders -although everyone would benefit from covering up from the sun -it’s essential for your health as well. I have to protect my skin from the sun even though I live in the UK (on medical advise) so any tips on how to look stylish while covering up would be good too.

    • Normally I’d wear a dress with a light sleeve – but given that it’s 43C here at present, I’m spending most of my time indoors under the air conditioner, only need the hat when I briefly pop outside (and I’m wearing sunscreen on my shoulders).

  • I would love to know more about how to fit hats. I suffer from “big head” syndrome too. It seems that every hat I put on sits on top of my head. Do hat makers have a standard size that they make most hats? And, where does one find a decent selection of custom sized hats.

    • There are some more common/standard type sizes – but yes heads vary in size so you may need to visit a milliner who can make you a great hat to fit your unique head!

      • I just purchased a beautiful straw look wide brimmed floppy hat from Target Chirnside Park Victoria, Australia) yesterday $10 and in the very beautiful Emerald green. I too have a big head and the hat. Is size 57cm. Actually just checked the hat and the label says its made of paper!
        Very happy.
        Marie Dowling

    • Helen Kaminski (mentioned above) makes bigger sizes. Also if you live in Sydney or Melbourne the straw hats in Panama styles that are sold at local weekend markets and in pop-up stalls in malls sell bigger sizes.
      As with shoes which can be hard to find over size 9, larger hats take some looking for but when you see one that suits you, buy it!

  • Hii..!!!
    Sun hat is one of my most important summer accessory. But it really important to buy a good quality hat in order to protect ourselves from scorching heat of sun.
    You have highlighted really helpful points to buy the best sun hat.
    Cheers buddy.!!!

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